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    Question What to use to add articles to website?

    I would appreciate recommendations on what you all think is the best script to use for articles & documents?

    I run a fairly large sized community and more and more of the members are posting stories and reports that I would rather be organized and seperated.

    Features that would be nice are:

    1) Member can submit the article to be approved.
    2) System is compatible with search engines so that articles are indexed
    3) Multiple categories to place different articles inside.

    Other features that might be nice but are not required would be:

    4) Member feedback & or rating
    5) Compatible with vBulletin (I know this is stretching it and not that important either)

    I've been to hotscripts and a few others but I am not sure which would work best. I'd prefer that the script also be relatively cheap, if not free. But, I know you usually get what you pay for.

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    I would suggest Siteframe.
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    i'll write it

    i'll write it for 1000 bucks!

    gl in ur search.
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    Its a portal, but you might want to check out geeklog. Its open source and coded very well by people who actually care.

    Or you can try out a script from

    Hope this help!
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    Article Manager from interactive tools is good. Great support even with customising and programming. Does not have ratingings etc. But flexible tempaltes. Good for newspaper type articles.

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    We use it for a lot of things;
    News feeds to our sites
    Network status updates
    General content feed that needs 'quick change'

    Great application

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    Out of these, the ones that look most like what we need are Avidnews & Vezine. Vezine looks like it has many more features but it of course costs more. I don't see any demo sites or functional examples for Avidnews. IHSL, which site of yours are you using it on?

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