When you search WHTwiki, you can do a simple search or a namespace search.


Simple search

You do a simple search these ways:

  • Enter a term in the Search box in the WHTwiki header.
  • Type a WHTwiki URL (webhostingtalk.com/wiki/foo) for a page that may or may not exist.

In both situations, the wiki software does a simple search for the requested page, but only in the main namespaces.

Search results

How the results are displayed depends on the results:

  • If WHTwiki has a page in the main namespace with a title that matches your search exactly, you'll be taken directly to that page. Unfortunately, other pages with the search term won't be displayed. We're working on a fix for this. To search for more pages with the term, search for the term and a related word.
  • If no page title matches your search term exactly, the page will display the following:
    • There is no page titled ":yoursearchterm". You can create this page. (Before you create a page, please check the rest of the page for search results to see if a page about your search term already exists.)
    • Article title matches: these results have your search term in their title.
    • Page text matches: these results have your search term in the page content.
  • Note that search is partly case-sensitive. Capitalizing the first letter of the search term (and other letters if they're normally capitalized) can help produce relevant search results.

Searching for phrases

Unlike many search engines, putting quotation marks around a phrase doesn't result in only the phrase as a whole being searched for.

Namespace search

To search beyond the main namespace, scroll down to the "Search in namespaces" option that appears below the search results described above. Check the namespaces you want to search in. A few examples:

  • WHTwiki: pages about WHTwiki, such as this page, About, Policies, and other explanatory pages
  • Help: how-to pages, including guidelines and policies for writing and editing WHTwiki content
  • Categories: pages with information about their categories and indexes of the pages in their category
  • MediaWiki: how-to wiki information from the site about the software that WHTwiki is using
  • Talk pages: the discussion pages for the articles in the named namespace

More search options

These methods don't search pages but provide lists of article titles:

  • Categories: view the Categories list and click on category names to see the articles in each category.
  • Prefix index: choose a namespace from the drop-down list, and all pages in that namespace will be displayed.
  • All pages: the All pages list theoretically shows all pages in the main namespace only (unless you choose a different namespace to be displayed). However, pages that started in the main namespace but were moved (redirected) to a different namespace also appear on this list.

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