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What is offshore hosting?

Offshore web hosting is hosting that is in a country other than where an individual or business is located. In other words, it's web hosting that's beyond the legal reach of the authorities in the country of the individual or business needing web hosting services.

What is anonymous offshore hosting?

With anonymous offshore hosting, clients don't need to identify who they are when they order web hosting services. As with onshore web hosting, they can use private domain registration services. In addition, they can pay for the web hosting services anonymously. Anonymous offshore web hosting providers accept payment methods such as PayPal, Moneybookers, prepaid Visa, money orders, and other payment options where the payer's identity isn't necessarily revealed.

Anonymous offshore hosting may be the choice for people who don't want their identity revealed. They might be famous people who want to maintain their privacy, they may want to maintain a website without their identity being revealed to their employers or ex-spouses, or they could have other reasons for keeping their identity private.

Why some people choose offshore hosting

Offshore web hosting is often the choice for websites used for purposes that are illegal in the country of their owner, such as sites used to send spam and sites with copyrighted content. Websites hosted offshore aren't affected by DMCA notices.

Other people might choose offshore hosting because most onshore web hosts don't allow the type of content they have or their websites are targets of attack because of their content, such as adult content or websites about controversial subjects. Offshore hosting may be seen as allowing more freedom of speech and having more security.

In general, offshore hosting is seen as for questionable content and purposes although it may be used for other purposes as well.

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