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Hey everyone. I found this amazing site that I want to share for people who are looking for a legit and easy to get started online job. I am a stay at home mother who has been searching for months for a legit online job, and it was a very difficult process since most sites are not legit at all, or it just takes forever to land the job. I saw an advertisement on facebook to help sell Beauty Products and make money doing it.(Sell products and make 10% commissions) I'm not going to tell you how much money I make, but it's enough to help pay for rent, and groceries. I recently helped a friend get started and she loves it! It's a very fun job and you get to stay home doing whatever you want, and work on your own schedule.

How To Get Started: 1. Go to the website http://kelliandjared1221.wix.com/enhancingouterbeauty 2.At the top you'll see jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, and accessories. Click on one of these. 3. Click on Buy Here on the product that you would like to advertise to someone. It'll bring you to the site of the product. Usually the products are from Amazon. 4. Open another tab on the computer, and sign up on Amazon or whatever the product site is you're on. 5. Go back to the product and copy the address of the site to paste on sites where you'll advertise the product. Wait for someone to click and buy then you'll get commissions on the sales. The sales will go to your account where you'll have to put in a mailing address or pay pal number to get paid.(Can do it later once you start getting paid) Usually it takes a couple of days for people to start buying.

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