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A new crusade! Uhh..loverly. :)
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the human centipede - most disturbing film ever?
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Can't find it!
33 Miners in Chile finally being rescued
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Even Mercedes recalling vehicles?
What will you be doing at 10 / 10 / 10 - 10hr:10min:10sec ?
Google already has selfdriving cars on the roads?
Wireless Broadband USB Thingies..Virgin
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What is the thread where peoples lists there web hosting business for sale?
Japanese Conspiracy
Parade magazine - Top 10 Show Choirs
A trip down mwmory lane...:)
This is GG
Like Pop? Like Rock? Then you might like this......
I'm rebuilding my Add-Ons
Wonderful Picture of PARIS @ NIGHT!
I almost fell off my chair laughing ... seriously
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linux desktop market share more than 1%
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10 Years Ago
You want a phone with that?
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New study: to avoid a cold, or help if you already have one, this remedy works...
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Please help me remember the name of this site.;..
Prog rock fans?
The Social Network - Awesome!
Is this what Chicken McNuggets look like?
What do you think for 4chan and DDOS
Xmarks Sync to be Discontinued
wisdom teeth?
sarora hosting
A new planet just right for life?
An interesting take on the pre-flight safety talk...
Insufficient system resources exist to complete requested service
Freeman In Court - Interesting
just when you thought it was all sussed
Driving someone else's vehicle: Is it legal?
Funny Moment
Smartphone owners: what platform is your smartphone?
Any anti-Apple folks here?
Google Earth Liquid Galaxy
Dolphin Collision..
R.I.P. Tony Curtis
Awesome Javascript Game
Post Titles
evil e-bay bans job auction
Avatar Community Program
OpenOffice files Oracle divorce papers
I can't bend over!
Internet Brands, vBulletin sold again
Social Network - The movie - Impact on new signups
What was your first linux distro?
Do you take vitamins?
Trying to figure out the downtime problem
CPanel Versus FTP
Scripteen WP comment poster?
Is a tomato a fruit or vegetable?
Forget Apple, Blackberry does it again!
BlackBerry Messenger Group for WHT. JOIN NOW!!!
WordPress acquires Live Space Bloggers
Proposal bans data centers/ISPs from allowing non-backdoor encryption?
Segway company owner dies riding Segway off a cliff
Metal comes out of my leg today!
Sites using API
Password managers?
Playing with CuteFTP
Anyone else get locked up while searching in Google Images?
Best Places 4 Used Servers? Recommendations Needed.
Ever been undercharged or not charged? Would you tell the store about it?
Colbert Congress Testimony
Queen tried to use state poverty fund to heat Buckingham Palace
TRON LEGACY... Flynn Lives
Medal of Honor - October 12th, anybody getting it? Played the beta?
Do you think I'm addicted to energy?
DNS Failure - Facebook
It's Always Sunny... S6E2 TONIGHT!
What Firefox extensions do you use?
64Kbps after exceeding fair usage limit
SPAM: Softaculous Virtualizor - VPS Management Software
Name and domain
Will you buy a BlackPad?
Your first time online.
The coolest home server setup ever!
Medical Tourism - Your Opinion? Have you done it already?
How America is Viewed Elsewhere?
Forget "Whats your sign"!
PayPal - What a Joke
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2012 Lexus LFA vs 2010 Nissan GT-R
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Glee season premiere! :-)
Why not to rely on your Windows 7 clock
What is Outsourcing??
Massive solar flare could paralyze Earth in 2013
vote for Dale Peterson!