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Anyone over the age of 35 should read this, as I copied this from a friends status ..
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Happy new year everyone!
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is webhostingtalk canadian?
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GoDaddy Quit Supporting SOPA !!!
Mega Save: Online, Fighting & Innovating
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Got an APC UPS or datacenter power mgmt?parent company listed as a SOPA supporter.
auctions on wht
10000+ Record Labels!
Look what Santa brought for Chanukah!
Twitter Monitor Server
promote webhosting using twitter fb
WHT has 6.5 million+ posts!
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intercountry christmas gift
Type this in Google... "let it snow" [merged]
On a lighter note......
Avoid Twitter!
Entrepreneur changes his name to Mark Zuckerberg to avoid lawsuit
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Where to get reliable (unbiased/correct) info on US laws?
holy shrimp
Stolen servers worth around £220,000
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Fukushima contaminated the ocean with 50 million times normal radiation - ongoing
Happy Birthday Dennis (SoftWareRevue)
AWESOME site some really cool stuff on here!
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First World Hosting Problems
Looking for real time trading practice software
Any desktop server monitor applications you know of
HP's WebOS goes Opensource
"Windowserrorsupport.com" "billingsupportsystem.com"
Today is my birthday friends!
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Samsung Galaxy tablet 10.1 launches in Australia
Gold Investment? Is it wise
Apples iPad 3 rumored to be thicker than iPad 2
Vodafone First To Offer Galaxy Tab 10.1
Wow, a Large Checked Bag Theft Ring
Neat Site
Decent deal today at Target / Amazon
why vat?
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