Internal ticketing system
Peculiar client keeps ordering new service.
Why most UK web hosting providers registered with Limited Company?
I need your help
Marketing to the uneducated
Hosting Company Purchase Question
Pitfalls of HostBill?
Is this pricing acceptable?
Calculating Future Value
Multiple Plans or Single Plan?
Would you keep this client?
what is spam ?
Fraud of a customer, question
best way to advertise to local market
Hosting CO-OP's ??
Starting a Web Hosting Company
Rotating log files
Combating Affiliate Fraud?
Good ways to advertise internationally.
prorated Cancellations.
Is This Policy Right?
Do you have to give a root password for tech support?
Web host
Starting Young?
theoretical pricing models
Long Vs Short Plan Features?
Basecamp Overview Service?
Do you advertise locally?
Show prices in Pound or USD?
Can your domain boost client confidence?
What are reasonable prices?
Advertising Forums
A few questions about running a hosting business (Canada)
Example of a Local Market Offering
Is is hard to run webhosting company nowadays?
How many months/years for you to start gaining profit? :)
Shared hosting: technical support for customers 24x7
Do You Offer Free Domains?
Advice on starting a web hosting business
Why not make plans based on CPU/RAM/DISK IO instead of disk space and bw?
VAT inclusive or exclusive?
Is this a good "game-plan"?
Get My First Client Today
merchant sites
How about opening up a ticket? The sequel.
Whmcs or Clientexec
Your most successful marketing breakthrough
In 2013 will need a business partner in EU.
Biggest Barrier to Running a Web Host
Training Resources - For Employees
WordPress-Only Hosting: Ugrading multiple sites automatically
Promoting newly started Web Hosting Company
installing whmcs in root or sub-directory
ipv4 and ipv6
Best solution to delegate email service
Explanation required.
Make your decision: WebDesign vs Hosting
I Thought selling web space was Tax Free ?
Are gateways defrauding companies?
Creating the Actual Website?
Getting clients to Review my Company
How about opening up a ticket?
How to offer web hosting
Looking for some input
US phone number with voice mail
What are you sending your clients for Christmas?
How to avoid chargebacks?
How Many user on one server
from Reseller to dedicate servers
How do you offer free user end support ?
Dynamic Ip? Dynamic Switch? Help
How do you make an ex-client go away?
Next Steps to make hosting a full time job
Selling in the US
Hosts: Do you refund abusers?
Web Hosting Market Research Data
2CO alternatives
Which one should i go with
How to Manage Client NAT/PAT Requests (Port-Forward)?
Blackmailing providers doesn't always work. the sequel
webmoney module
Feel so stupid - need your help
How many accounts...?
Want to start hosting Business
Support Software for KB and Downloads Only
Let's the discuss the needs of a running a WebHosting Business.
So a friend and I were thinking about how to get rich quick...
How has Obama Care affected your business?
Customer support
Should I start advertising soon or do I need to work on the website a bit more?
client with a vps budget but an overload necessity
No client and 50 spent
Good Pay As You Go E-Mail Marketing ? (not MailChimp)
Hosts: How long did it take to get your first client?
Server root attacks from China and other countrys
what is your tolerance level for abuse?
Hosting client sites along with own projects
Using WHMCS? How do you manage your dedicated IP orders?
Would this be a good idea?
Data Transfer Overage
Which Domain Registers Should I Go With
vps/cloud hosting company software issues
How do you deal with Paypal fraud?
breach of contract - indirectly
Web hosting company
pstree output is messed up ...something wrong with .bashrc?
email archiving application
Bunker Business
SMTP Relay?
how do you confirm your client is safe ?
Help creating price plans
Things to keep in mind at time of starting hosting / purchasing reseller?
How do you deal with solicitations in your ticket system?
Basecamp: Working with Clients
Google Apps for your Company - Is it THAT Great?
Potential Problem
WHMCS Legit Email Being Spammed
Best Billing Software for Webhosts, in 2012.
Evaluating hosting prices
Reseller or Dedicated?
Looking for Dedicated Server with 'Unlimited' SSL
Business consulting
How do you deal with customers who want support beyond what you offer?
What is your preferred method of advertising?
Do you pay for your own premium/corporate membership?
IP assignment policy
Frequency on optimization of databases
Multiple ip address hosting
Music w/ your hosting company website
Would you recommend advertising on
HELP:starting my own web hosting
A new webhosting office
profit from a shared hosting node
How to stay competitive
Is there a way to buy an IP address?
What CMS is the reliable choice
Buying IPv4
Buying IPv6
Basecamp Management Question
Do you credit for DDoS attacks?
Couple large or several small? (Targetted Advertising Campaigns)
Google Apps email alternative?
How long do you wait to evaluate a campaign's ROI?
Partner and I looking into starting business
Ex-Hosting Guy Looking For Advice 5 Years Later
Opening a hosting company in UK
Any Billing Software with PayPal Billing Agreements?
Hughy Dee Annoying me to make him my business partner lol
Starting a Business Where comes the Legal Stuff?
Starting VPS Business, What am I supposed to do with WHMCS asking for nameservers?
Real time bandwidth monitoring and alerting.
Toll Free and DID provider
Server Logging Script
Dealing With Unreasonable Customers
starting my own VPS company
Live chat software
What is the best live chat software on a budget?
Use of Keyword domain
Advice - New Company
Chat on your hosting site
Credits for Downtime
Is what I'm doing fine?
SSH Access
All Rights Reserved & Business Related Aspects
Fave support ticket system?
Anyone else experience this?
Has anyone used 24x7 Server Management?
Recommendation sought
Privacy policy? spam
Hiring Nightmares
Anyone accept checks/money orders?
Do any of you check what your customers do?
How to Gain Customer Trust
merchant service
raising pricing
Client overuse CPU on shared hosting and wants legal statement?
Offer adwords to clients
Magazine Ads?
Survey Applications
is it easy to start hosting with $1 ?
Starting a Windows VPS Business
Twitter Ads - Interesting Concept
Building a poorman's Amazon Glacier
Hardware specs for xen VPS node.
free one month trial???
How many users do you recommend on a 100mbps connection?
Internet connection for small shared web hosting business
What advertisement is good for hosting? Get those clients before you get got!
Blackmailing providers doesn't always work.
How much time it takes to get clients
Credit card processing
New Business Idea - A case study