Partners and expansion
What do you use for billing/support?
Outsourcing Support from TouchSupport?
Remote Backup
Can you provide more than one CP per server?
Reseller Hosting- The fustration!
Accepting Credit Cards
Domain Registrars
Shell Hosting Company
When do you go from a small to medium sized company?
Response time.
Sites Per Server?
Recurring Client CC or Non-Recurring Client CC
Is there room for more?
Additional Products & Services to generate more margin
Webhosting directories
Password Management
How were your TOS and AUP produced?
1 million dollars in the bank
Outsourced CSO
Handling DNS (Hostnames, Namservers etc)
Legalizzel Your Bizznusel
Dodgy sign-up
how to promote a hosting site?
Any business idea?
Report: Hosted CRM is king
Whole server dedicated to your company site.
Visa requiring sales tax?
Patent a website?
Free hosting? To be, or not to be...
What Is The Best Way To Advertise?
Unique Advertising Ventures
Selling On Ebay?
WebHostingStuff Listing?
Company Website: To Dedicate or Not?
Creating Reseller Acounts
Blackberry SSH
Acunett Management Company. How good are they? Technical Know how ??
Promoting forums
Hosting Adult Sites
Principles of accounting software
Hiring Staff?
How Much Overselling is Too Much?
Ready to Start Hosting Business (Need suggestion)
Dedicated server packages precautions
Accepting credit card payments in UK
What Expenses Can a GOOD Hosting Company Expect?
Opensource Accounting Software?
Looking for a billing system
ModernBill Upgrade or Delete cancelled clients?
broadcasting of illegal file link is legal?
need a cpanel logo
Just an idea.
Pricing for a wiki - i need you!
traffic to signup
One dns for all clients
Market: Overflowed or Never Enough?
Hosting Forumn
How to get dedicated IPs to server at home?
buying a host
Is there a way to find real web stats for major domains?
Starting a new webhosting company ?
We need URGENT VOIP/SIP provider recomendations
Buying a hosting company
SSL cer for both http:// and http://www
few questions about hosting a company
Whos at fault?
Email hosting
Just entering my site to and wow.. #2
UNIX SSH Commands
Affiliate Tracking - php/sql Control
Don't host
What is the strategy of this company?
has anyone used supportpro...
Is putting ad's in a webhost company good?
Finding a Good PHP programmer?
who can install Modernbill + Kayako?
How to really make a different hosting company?
How do you explain what hosting is?
Anyone use a project managment system?
So you want to be a host? Please read this!
Business plan template/guide
Is this a good Dedicated Server
List Of Billing Programs
How many sites, how much space, and how much BW.
web hoster
Would you consider using an externally hosted email solution for your hosting company
What is the best script to provide free hosting
Extra Cash Idea
Email server : using hotmail ?
Support Technicians?
Terms of Service?
Damages caused to customer. Who`s liable ?
Hosting Company
How to expand your customer base
bandwidth and space numbers
Which language is most popular?
Starting a web hosting company
would you teach your staff everything? (scary)
client breach TOS then want to sue us
How to handle bulk mail sender?
Graphic banner designer. Looking for a secific one.
Content Management Framework hosting company .. is it viable?
Man....more and more fraud orders
Can anyone recommend a good business broker?
How is your business going?
Software to help gain exposure / drive traffic
The best way to get more customers
VISA cards issued in Vietnam
How to accept credit card payments via Paypal business Account?
sales tax
Wildcard SSL question
How do you support your paying customers?
overselling bandwidth?
Starting in the business? Time to write a Business Plan !
traffic stats
MySQL License ?
How to offer blogging services
how ddo you set sub-domain
Touch Support VS AcuNett
Email from John Webber
Advertising on Web Hosting Related Sites
IP tracking system
Starting a game host...
Buying your competitors'customers?
Agent agreements
outsourced tech support with specific requirments
Question about "money back guarantee"
Small Business hosting
Motorola Q / Putty, WHM, and Cpanel
Adult Web Hosting
Macromedia Tutorials
Hosting a large network of sites
Small Business Banking?
Software to limit a domains CPU usage
Windows VPS or Linux VPS
Is it legal?
Coldfusion MX 7
[Advice on how to promote a] new hosting company
Is this legal? They won't give my backups
Client without request cancellation
Advertising on a company website... Yes or No?
Staff Names
Your thoughts on officelive? (Microsoft provides webhosting with features for free)
Server account / billing audits?
Ability to "yank back" an email that was just sent.. review of this service?
How much outsourcing is possible in Webhosting Business (lots of questions)?
follow up emails
Software and Paypal
Is it still feasible to open a hosting Co.?
Getting a T1 line..... to your home
Question about contact client clients'
Logmein IT reach - experiences?
US Trade restrictions/Sanctions/Embargos
Flash Banners
Working for yourself and someone else ... ? ...
SPAM Protection?
Best way to prevent downtime for web hosting servers
Company website on different server?
increasing benefits or die!!
Opening new company
New Hosting Business Checklist ..?..
Im confused on how to integrate domain name sales
Outsourcing from TouchSupport
Collection agencies?
Overdue Invoice Methods
Hosting Business with an Online store! Recommended?
What do you look for when buying a web hosting company?
4 server configs to choose from -- need votes
Outsourced Support
Hostopia files for IPO; great research
WHM - Way to get e-mail notification when an account is close to bandwidth cap?
Web host tracker
Worth another Web Hosting Company?
Quick question with regards to shared and reseller hosting
how much are clients worth ?
Customer signing up again after paying off a debt...
How do you get your clients loyalty?
Encrypted files/checking what is on your severs
Thread for blacklisting fraud customers
i just opened a webhosting company but....
Cheap Yearly than monthly - anyone use them?
Negotiating B/W Costs
Web Client with Excess Email needs
What payment options do you currently offer clients?
new customers
UK Legal Documents - TOS... AUP... Privacy ?
Chasing Payments
Any reason for that?
Any experience with selling your existing hosting clients to another hosting company?
Betting Site
Advertising and Promoting Tips?