posting some of my plans pls give ur opinion.
What to choose?
What is the most successful marketing strategy with respect to hosting in general
Server Providers, Unmanaged VS Managed
WHT advertising?
Reseller business with limited knowledge?
SSL Cert Order Process Help
Doing back ups
Implementing WHMCS
Should I use Prorata Billing?
NEWBIE: Registering LLC in Delaware
Planning on starting my own free & paid web hosting service
Handling discouraging clients
Do you tell people you're new?
2 versions of my website (.com, - same PayPal account or not?
how do you diffrentiated your hosting?
No New Customers
How is business this time of year?
Interseting scam attempt...
Who here actually has a business plan?
small payments such as $0.17
Is anyone using proaxxs for outsourced hosting support?
Offshore company formation?
Heroku acquired for $212M in cash
Increase Customer Rate to renew domain
Need help is Naming Hosting Package
XenServer 5.6 license for sale?
Is 10Mbps enough for a shared server?
As a host what would you do ?
What domain register do you use?
How to advertise? HELP!!
Web Hosting Start Up
Recommended Linux OS For Webhosting Company
Supporting free/open source?
ratepoint gone bad?
PayPal alternatives to use for web hosting
When do you moved to vps or dedicated?
Recommendations for collection services in Canada?
Web Host Startup Questions...
What to add in your TOS
Costs and Expenses for hosting
oursource the marketing?
UK Cloud Service Providers - who do you use for your payment systems?
UK Hosts, Anyone been able to get a Merchant account in the last 12 months?
Legal requirements, contracts, what else do I need?
Keeping track of your servers' status
Collection Agency?
Live Chat Support worth it?
Anyone know a good reseller of Cpanel VPS licenses?
Starting a Web Host business...need help
Facebook coupon
WHMCS - Directadmin kb articles
Best way to do backups?
Kids can run hosting with Paypal?
Affiliate percentage
Downgrade Server, Cancellation fee.. How would you handle it?
[cPanel] What do you use for backups, and what effect has it had on your business?
Advice on writing a rationale for my market analysis
Searching for a big hosting partner to open new market
How much profit you make from your hosting business?
Turning VPS into shared?
Best white label support company?
Live Support Times
is advisable to buy my own servers?
how much money for a start
Getting people to switch hosting providers...
Buy Traffic in Europe - Best One
UK Tax
buying hosting clients advice please
Starting Dedicated/VPS Hosting
resell dedicated servers?
Starting a Shared Rapidleech hosting business.
How often do customers ask for a restore from backup?
How many hosting customers have you got?
Yes.... another outsourced support post
Cheap Wndows Hosting
Web hosting review website?
Where is the best place to publish some coupons?
Is it rude to send invoice before due?
relationship with support staffs in other countries.
how many wht members are customers?
is 8 gig memory stick standard?
how many products per client orders?
tidy billing system vs massive junk database
how to due with fraud payments?
Accounting software
What is my Hosting company worth?
give money to your friends and you earn friendship
Need advice on what to offer
Client that is desperate to be hosted by my company - fishy
Avoiding those pesky merchant charge backs
Where do you save passwords?
First Month Free
simplifying packages
A question about eNom
Is a well-verified business still trustable although it is outside USA?
Creating DNS/Name Servers
Company formation
Customers who use content from your site
Premium services?
How to set up custom nameservers for NetEarthOne
Godaddy Abuse Name Servers
How to move servers with a special agreement?
Is accurate?
Best Name Server Management Software?
How do you deal with chargebacks?
Tracking Stats/Vists etc.
Wanting to start a new VPS Hosting business with $20k
Difference between free and paid Softaculous license?
How to properly drop a problematic client
Critique My VPS Hosting Plans
setting targets for knowledge acquiring
Where Do I Start Advertising?
What has been your most successful Promotion?
Where to sell Hosting Company
Compnay / domain name change
Hosting Names
Any reason to get a merchant account?
South African Data Center
Notice of Hosting Provider Change Letter (Help)
How to beat Godaddy, Hostgator, 1and1
Moneybookers will change name to Skrill
An open source ticket system with some curious requirements
A per-account Remote Backup service for Web hosts ?
Other hosting company use my brand name
Hiring outsourced/remote employees, etc. (Business type / Taxes)
Do you care about coupons?
What do you use for your Live Support?
Payment Gateway
what do your customers want?
what does that mean?
Mod_security rules for cPanel/Whm
Power Supplies
Sales forecast for a new host
Starting hosting service!
Offering support...
Colo or Dedicated Machine?
How long did it take to get your first 10 unknown clients?
Initial Server Setup - Gui or Minimal?
Where do/did you advertise on?
Website Designers
shady customer
Sign agreement to host .dk domain?
Wht to do??[Critical]
Any plans for website changes/promotions this Christmas?
Help on setting up webhosting using dedicated server
LiveZilla help - Canned resources
HostVoice : Yes or No?
Web Hosting Review Sites
Dealing with needy clients?
Raising capital through financing / investors?
How did they even survive?
How to get 10 signups a day?
Do you ever make profit from VPS?
Want some feedback/suggestions on my new affiliate program...
Help with ToS & Fair Usage Policy
Anyone else besides me been trying Facebook for advertising?
How much you will spend for a complate hosting website?
UK distance selling regulations question
regarding whmcs
blackhole accounts in dedicated servers
Some question about Reseller and VPS
ticket system vs email
reseller programme with billing system
knowledgebase articles branding
Beware of this Fraud Order if it comes ...
Name a Hosting Company, help
Selling my hosting company - Advice needed
Should we offer reseller packages?
Starting out...
What's needed to run a VPS hosting company?
Grid Hosting Pricing
Client vs Seller, confusing affair
Offering web templates to clients
Pricing suggestions anyone?
Reliability in Unmanaged Hosting iPhone payment sys
List of forum ads?
Best run business blogs/social media?
dealing with PCI scans
Company Setup (Laws?)
Server layout of medium sized host?
UK VAT & International Customers?
Anyone Setup to Resell Merchant Services?
Charges for SBL Listing
Security issue
Salary for a L1 Tech?
Establishing yourself as a "Green Company"
Multiple Domains
Another Thread, starting out running costs
Providing email hosting using cPanel/WHM
looking for a better hosting template website
tips on starting a web hosting business