Halloween & events
The Joy of Hosting Websites - Oh Moments
Trying to get started
Single Plan or Multi plan??
Automatic Fraud Detector
SPLA Licensing
Post pictures of your office/desk
Download area
Step to buy a web hosting company safely ?
Name for web hosting company
Web Hosting & Social Media
promotional page on cpanel exit
WHMCS + which accounting software ?
Payment Gateway - Canada Payment in 24-48 Hours ??
Automatic Billing?
Avenues to promote a new business.
Starting a strictly Colocation business.
Hosting Recommendation
Starting up business with LEAST LEGAL expenses?
Do you use PayPal and how do you protect yourself from scammers and chargeback ?
Anyone know an better alternative than MailChimp
licensecube review - live chat
Slow months?
- 1 eNom ?
how to hide the addres of forwarded link in cpanel
Ways to advertise locally
business license
"Dear" or "Hello" on Support Tickets?
Trying something new
New Hosting Comapny and WHMCS?
Hosting software
Hiring Staff
Starting a Web Hosting Business
hosting service consultants
Free MARKETING Ad Credits
Simple Scripts
Stop Email Problem --> Rent Independant Mail Server --> Anyone know ones ?!
do you only get client from WHT here ?
how do you protect client data been copy out ?
To those who rent or own dedicated servers.
IPs managment
Keeping records
what do you use to securely store company passwords & procedures?
How to convert browsers to customers?
Reseller Host good enough for my startup?
Site Builder How come?
I need a Terms of Use | Privacy Policy
How accurate are the stats in WHMCS?
What you want from a web host?
Let's talk billing!
Server Images Vs Non Server Images On Homepage?
Handling Currencies
starting or buying an existing webhosting company?
Version of MySQL
Any Canadians using Google checkout?
How long to hold customer's on-line account?
Under 18 Owning Company.
Hosting Business in UK
LiveChat platform
Why did you name your business what you did?
HOW do i start a SUCESSFULL webhosting business?
What Shared Hosting Software Are You Using?
Getting Noticed
Web Hosting business owners, are you on Twitter?
What if I wanted to switch?
How to deal with clients
Impolite words from Customers
Would like to offer my resellers end user support.
Tablet advertising
New to the Hosting Business
Proper way to handle abusive/prank phone calls
Is Tax applicable for hosting reseller
Best Site Builder?
Small Data Center
Windows Platform
Offering Shared SSL - Worth It?
Webhosting theme?
Business cards, do you use them?
Do I have to do anything...
Reseller Club What!! To Do Next?
If you had access to this data centre for free what would you put in it???????
Small issue with first client
Is it down for everyone or just me?
Pricing help ?
ERP: Microsoft Dynamics
Which domain you choose for your biz?
Affiliate System Questions
is it proper
Buying IP blocks from RIPE
business loan?
Burst.net SLA for support ticket responses?
How do i put a domain search form on my website
How to target international customer?
Where do you host your business site?
Starting A Webhosting company. NEED HELP
Thinking about starting a hosting company.
Web proxy issue
Generic Hosting aimed at High Volume sites
Register a LLC from Europe!
Best Payment Method?
Small or large deals?
$100,000 Startup
Enom Reseller vs Retail????
DPA and Customer Privacy on WHT
Restoration error during uploading domain backup files
ISP Connection
Legal issue with my suspended developer license of Vivvo.net from Spoonlab.com
How to compete with free/unlimited
New orders that never pay
Charging for Backups
How to steal customers from big brands?
Webmaster Forums List
Offering Free SSL, How?
Crazy web-hosting company publicity stunts?
How do you Disable/limit minute cron
selling ssl, how to go about it?
What do you all think of flat rate, single plan web hosts?
How do you offer a free domain?
Server Builders / Buying servers
When to pay?
Help would be lovely
Best domain reseller
everydns type service
INC 500 list of 500 fastest growing companies includes 4 web hosts you'll recognize
do you use sms to notify your client ?
Registering a Brand Name in the USA or internationally
Does anyone have experience with Rackspace's Cloud Sites
How to get customers to switch nodes?
Forecasting Your Business Growth
login before submitting ticket ?
Technical knowledge requirements.
Example: $50,000 hosting startup budget
Website Flipping Idea...will it work?
How did you decide to enter the web hosting business?
Anyone else receiving spam from seo-link-buildings.com
how do you find your market ?
What would you suggest?
how do you set the package fee ?
How do you deal with negative "false" feedback or reviews on other host directories?
Hiring Commission Sales Rep: Best Practices?
Real, scam, or just trolling for ads?
Time Until Suspension/Termination
What budget is needed?
DMCA Badge
Tips on starting a VPS host?
Private label backups?
Affiliate programs; Anyone use them?
Managed Outsource Support
need advice
Where to get *really* cheap - but reliable - backup space?
What are the factors to determine a fair price for a hosting plan?
Has anyone ever advertised on billboards?
Is my plan a good idea/Do you think it will work?
Separate brand
Internet vs. Moral Values
No refunds policy
Customer Application DENIED!
How many clients can a server handle?
What are your top 10 cPanel Plugins/Addons?
How far should you go to notify a user that his account will be/has been terminated?
International Operations
What are your most Frequently Asked Questions?
Showing uptime downtime info?
New Web Hosting Company Questions
Where to buy hardware?
hardware resell
Best backbone provider in Utah
Is 24 hours enough time?
Motivation to start
How can I get sales?
Shoutcast hosting
keeping the night shift busy
Managing growth
Client requesting SLA credit every Downtime
Softaculous or Fantastico?
Google App Engine - "Out of Beta" Pricing Announced
Should a host be force to accept an ad that was a mistake?
AWESOME client ! Took me by surprise?
How to start up a host
How can i get more clents
Choosing a server
VPS business and what's behind them
what are your feature ?
New Reseller: few questions to ask
Streaming domain still have success?
When you screw up
Recommend PAyment gateways for Web Hosting Company
How about this approach for a Local SalesTeam?
How can I create my own hosting servers?
Prorated Billing or not?