Pedestal and Rackmount Servers starting @ $300
XEON 5630 Server hardware raid 4 x 1TB WD for sale
Singapore Rack Server Singapore GPU Server
[For Sale] Supermicro Dual L5420/16 GB/4x1 TB drives
WTB: Supermicro , DELL servers and parts in Netherland and Sweden
AMD Opteron 6134 Magny-Cours 8-Core Processor
[Buy] A few server hardware pieces (Not a full server)
Juniper J2320 routers for sale
Various Hardware
Supermicro Supplier in the USA
[FS] Supermicro 2xL5420 16GB RAM, 4x500GB 1U - $400
Dell M1000e Blade Enclosures
Selling Raid Card - HighPoint RocketRAID 640
WTB Storage Server
Singapore Rack Server Singapore GPU Server
Looking to buy 1U and 2U Dual 1366 Barebones/Servers from the UK
AMD Opteron 6134 Magny-Cours 8-Core Processor
RAM-a-palooza! and various other gear
Dual Opteron +16G ram =$220
3Ware 9550SX-4LP Hardware RAID 0/1/5/10 card with BBU for sale!
Singapore Rack Hosting
Dell M710HD Blade Server - Half Height - 18 DIMM Slots
Selling SuperMicro Dual L5420 16GB 4x 1TB WD RAID
AMD Opteron 6134 Magny-Cours 8-Core Processor
Dual Xeon E5345 Server
2x HP 1/10 GB Virtual Connect Ethernet module (for C-Class bladeservers, 399593-B22)
Dell PowerEdge R610 - 2xE5502, 2x146GB, 24GB, Perc6, 2xPSU, Rail - $1895
AMD Opteron 6134 Magny-Cours 2.3GHz 8 x 512KB L2 Cache 12MB L3 Cache Socket G34 115W
Looking to buy 1U Servers Shipped to Zlin, Czech Republic
Miami local pickup only hardware: Router, Storage, Servers for sale
[UK] Dell Poweredge 1950 v3 1U rackount server with twin QuadCore Xeons
*NEW* Intel Xeon x3330 (quad-core), 1TB drive --- $250 --- Wilkes-Barre, PA
Singapore Rack Servers
Cheap Supermicro Server Q8200 + 1U/2U Hotswap chasis
Offering: Intel S5000PSLSATA W/2 Cuad Core Xeons
Cisco Optics - End of quarter discounts!
UK: Dell R310 - L3426 - 4x4GB memory - 4x2TB SATA - HW R5
Dual Xeon E5410 2.33Ghz - 12GB RAM
Rack Servers from Singapore
Phenom X6 1090T 16GB ECC 4x10K RAID10 system
Dual Opteron +16G ram +2 HDs =$250
$200 Server for Sale / Quality / Reliable / Ready to Ship
[CA] Dell 2161DS 16-port KVM
Want to buy Juniper RE-850-1536 routing engines
(2x) eVGA Geforce 9800 GT's For Sale
Baytech RPC-3 8 Port Remote Rebooter (serial + network access)
2 Dell PowerEdge Servers for sale R200 & PE860
Various APC PDU's and APC replacement batteries for sale
BRAND NEW 9x Dell R710 Dual Quad Core + 42U Rack & UPS
Active Server / Great Condition / Woodcrest Server for Sale for Cheap!
[WTB] Seagate Cheetah +450 GB SAS 15K Drives
Singapore Rack Servers
Looking for a reliable L3 switch(1gbps or 10gbps)
Various HDDs for sale
Servers, processors, motherboards, nics, chassis, infiniband all must go
X6 Phenom II 1U server with 1TB X 2 and 16GB RAM with FDC chicago colo option
3 x Seagate 450GB 15k SAS
200 active Super Micro servers for sale.
[UK] Custom 1U Server Building Services
FS: Dual Xeon E5410 2.33Ghz - 12GB RAM
[Brand NEW] Hitachi 4TB "7200RPM" is here! FREE shipping
Needed: Intel S5000PSL SATAR
L5420's for sale -
Singapore Rack Servers
FS: Mellanox 36-port 40Gbps QDR Infiniband switch
Supermicro Servers forsale in Toronto (get rid of unwanted HW)
Xeon X3460 + 6GB DDR3 ECC + 4x500GB RE3 + Adaptec 2405 + Supermicro 1U
E3-1230, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 4x 300GB SAS 15k RPM / LSI RAID10 - Netherlands
Servers Located within Netherlands
1U servers for sale - starting bid $0.01!
10x - Dual Xeon Quad Core L5420, 8GB RAM, 500GB HDD
FS: Intel 10 Gigabit AF DA Dual Port Server Adapter
Selling SSD(s)
Storage/NAS Server for sell 8 x 3.5 HD hotswap
Dual Opteron +16G ram +4 HDs =cheap!
5 months old E3-1230 - 8GB - 2x250GB - RAID card - Hotswap
[FOR SALE][For Sale] Dual Xeon 5440 & Dual Opteron 280
(WTB)---Looking for a Layer 3 switch
Rack Servers from Singapore
Where to buy WD Drives?
SuperMicro Servers for Sale
1u Supermicro i7 940, 16GB Ram, 1.5TB SATA
1x Brand New WD1003FBYX (1TB RE4) @ $140
2x E5520 cpu's, 6x4GB PC8500 ECC Buf, 2x 146GB 15k SAS w/ Dell tray R710
Crazy Sale: Two Quality Servers For Sale
Supermicro servers for sales
Servers for Sale
[SELLING] Dell R210's and Dell C6100's
Looking for a hardware
Cisco Catalyst 3500 24 Port Switches
Juniper equipment for sale
[UK] Intel Skt 1366 Twin QuadCore based 2U hotswap rackmount server with rails
WTB: NEW ST3300657SS with warranty
2x Atom D525, 2x2GB RAM, 1x500GB WD RE4
Overstock - RAM, CPU, SSDs and HDDs
i need to used Server
F/S Dell Poweredge Servers / Network Switches - New Pricing
Cisco 4948 [and soon to be more devices]
Xeon X3460 + 6GB DDR3 ECC + 4x500GB RE3 + Adaptec 2405 + Supermicro 1U [NEW PRICE]
Cisco 3750G Switches - 5-Year Warranty
[For Sale] Dual Xeon 5440 & Dual Opteron 280
2x Juniper ISG 1000 firewall with ISG GB2TX
WTB Hardware on Lease to Own
Rent to own server at ColoUnlimited.
Dell C6100 Servers/PowerVault MD3200i
1U/2U servers, Cisco switches for sale
Buying: Opteron processors/motherboards, server chassis (12 or 24 bay), and PSUs.
Memory for sale (and a tower)
[SELLING] Dell C-6100's and R200's
[UK] For Sale: 1U Q6600 Servers (x2)
Supermicro HD502HJ 500G drives, $35/ea
Too Many 4GB 10600R DIMMS......
Xeon X3460 + 6GB DDR3 ECC + 4x500GB RE3 + Adaptec 2405 + Supermicro 1U + KVM
WTB : Vyatta compatible server
Servers and switch
(Canada) Dell or HP Enterprise Products
Lets move em! Got some servers to get rid of
WTB: L5420/E5504(5405)/Q6600 (And Motherboards)
[NL] 2x Cisco UCS C200 M2 (Bundle1) 2x X5650 + 40GB Ram + 2x 15k SAS
3Ware 9550SX-8LP 8 Port Raid Card Low Profile
[Brand New] TrippLite 20A 16 Port 1U ATS/Switched PDUMH20ATNET
3U Storage Server (HW RAID, 16TB, 14GB DDR3, 8-core Opteron)
1U/2U servers, Cisco switches for sale
Q9300 - 1U server for sales
APC AP7900 8 Port Switched PDU
[DE-EU] WTB: New or Used Server(s)
Rack Cleaning Sale (HD, Chassis, Switches and Servers)
Dell PowerVault MD3620i
Dell 1950 32GB, 2x3.0 Quad 2x73gb 15k
[UK] HP 1U Servers for Sale have 100 in stock
[US] For sale 1u, i7 950 3.0GHz, 12GB ddr3, 4x500gb
[FS] Supermicro X7DBN, 2 x XEON 5335, 4 x WD Black 640G
[UK] Looking for new or fairly new 1U rackmount server
UK - Dedicated Hardware For Sale (1U,2U)
[UK] Colocated Dedicated Server For Sale! XEON | 16GB RAM
[UK] Lots of used server hardware for sale! Something for every budget!
Dell Poweredge XS23, 2U, (8)QC Procs, 64GB, (8) 750GB HDD. Full Rack $49k-22 units
For sale: QTY 12 AMD Opteron 6168 12-core CPUs
1U server for sales
4GB DDR2 ECC RAM - $20
Selling: 6x Seagate 250GB Barracuda 7200RPM SATA Hard Drives + others
Dell PowerEdge R210II - E3-1270 / 8GB / 250GB
For Sale - Mailfoundry 4100 (2 devices)
We build and Install your server in any datacenter of the Chicago area for only $100.
6 x 4GB sticks of RAM DDR3 10600 1333 memory and network gear for sale
[SELL] Supermicro server - NEW - X8DTL-6F - 2 x E5620 - 16G RAM - 1TB HDD.
ddos mitigation device for sale
WTB: Cisco 6503 chassis
10 x 8GB Samsung sticks and 2 x E5620 Intel.
Procurve 48 ports 2848 for sell
Supermicro Servers forsale in Toronto (get rid of unwanted HW)
Procurve 3400cl Dell 2850 and 1950
Dell PowerConnect 6248 6248P Trade?
4x G440, LGA1155 Processors, Brand new in box, sealed. $65 for them all shipped.
Sandy Bridg i3 +16G ram +2TB =$490
Dell Cloud C6100 Chassis w/nodes or Configure to Order
Dougy wants your FBDIMM!
Dell Inventory Server Hardware
1U Intel Server SR1500ALSASR 2x Quad Core - 16GB of RAM
Seagate 15.7k RPM SAS Drives
Hetzner Transfer
NEW Intel x3330 Rackmount for sale, WD RE4 HDD, Lots of Procs, Adaptec 2405 & more
Supermicro Servers forsale in Toronto (you name the price)
Spare Server Parts for Sale!! NAME YOUR OWN PRICE
Sale - Supermicro i3 server - only $250
AMD Opteron 6128 Processors
Juniper J4350
Selling some new 10G network equipment.
2 x L5420 + 24G RAM + Intel S5000PSL + 2U chassis - $550/ea
Crazy Sale: Two Quality Servers For Sale
1U Supermicro server for sale
Poweredge 2900s and 2950s and misc.
Dell Poweredge C6100-XS23, 2U, (8)QC Procs, 64GB, (8) 750GB HDD
i7 920 for sale
Supermicro SuperChassis CSE-216E26-R1200U Storage Array - $800 Shipped
Seagate Hard Drives 3.5, Internal, SATA, 500GB I got 25 extra. $70 Each
ST3300657SS 300G Seagate 15K.7 SAS
PDUs and Switches Galore!
[Needed] KVM Over IP
Selling some new WD Caviar Black and Hitachi HDD's
Iodrive 80gb SLC [For Sale]
Dell PowerEdge 1750 1U Server - Great Condition - Affordable
Seagate Seagate Constellation SAS 2 TB SALE
Opteron servers for sales
Supermicro supplier required in US
[US] HP ProLiant DL360 G7 - LIKE NEW!!!!
[UK] BNIB HP DL380 G7 2U Server Intel Xeon E5620 470065-482
Intel SR1530SH XEON 8GB DDR2 1U For Sale
2 APC Zero U 20A 120V PDU's Chicago Area
I need Urjent 1U Server For ship nederlands
DEll C2100 - 2U with 12x250GB Drives
Used XFX HD6990 cards - large stock
Quad Core, 8GB RAM server for sell.
Affordable and customizable server solutions