Tired of expensive Smartnet
[US] 1U Xeon 3470, 16GB, 2 x 1TB
EX3300-48T and EX3300-24P for sale
Dedicated Server Hardware For Sale Make A Fair Offer Inside.
Intel Core2Quad 8200 - 4 GB RAM - 1 TB Western Digital Black HDD
For Sale - 10x 240GB SSDs, 8x 120GB SSDs, 24x 2TB Caviar Blacks
[UK] Small selection of hardware
DDOS Mitigation Appliance Intruguard IG2000-U-4 for sale
SRX110H and EX2200-C for sale
Cisco 48 port gige switch + 2 10GBPS ports [3560E-48TD-SD]
Supermicro 1u Rackmount server - Intel Quad Core Q9450
32GB RAM & Supermicro Chassis (Best Offer Accepted)
Equallogic PS6510E 96TB SAN
Q9550, 8GB RAM, 500GB HDD - Quick sale
Dedicated Server Hardware For Sale Make A Fair Offer Inside.
Dell PowerVault MD3600f and MD3620f
APC PDU 7902 - Cisco 3750-48TS-S - Excellent Condition - LOW PRICE !!!
For Sale - 11x 240GB SSDs, 8x 120GB SSDs, 28x 2TB Caviar Blacks
CHEAP - Sun Servers & Tower Cases
Supermicro 1U servers for sales
A bunch of 1U server chassis
L5420's for sale! $225 or less per server
Lots of stuff in the UK
Supermicro 6026TT-HTRF (4 x Nodes) - 8 x X5560, 96Gb $2560
Core2Quad 8300 4GB RAM WD Black - Lease/Sale
Dedicated Server Hardware For Sale
Everyone Loves Dell R610s!
For Sale: Equallogic PS6000X, 16 x 600Gb
CHENBRO gaming systems available for sale
Dell R200 Servers for sale
Selling 16GB (4 x 4GB) Samsung DDR3 1333mhz 1.35V ECC REG RAM
Brand new Juniper MX routers up to 50% off list
New 10TB SSD Active-Active SANs < $40k
2 x Decent & Cheap 1U Servers - Supermicro
Fortinet LB4 48 port gige switch
1x WD RE4 2TB (WD2002FYPS) with MFG warranty until April 2016
Dell PowerVault MD1200 & MD1220 Configs
Dual E5530, 48GB Ram, 3x 450GB SAS
2 x Juniper SRX650 for sale
Intel Xeon E5404 4GB RAM 2x73GB SAS
Supplying & Buying Server Hardware Worldwide
Dual L5520, 48GB RAM, 4 hotswap, dual PSU - $1500 OBO
32GB RAM & Supermicro Chassis (Best Offer Accepted)
1U SuperMicro 2x E5520, 12GB ECC, 2x 300GB 15K SAS +320GB 7200
Routers For Sale
Dell 6248 switches, 48x1g + 4x10g
Juniper M7i For Sale - 3 x GE PICs - 1750 ono
Dell R610 w/ Dual X5550 CPUs, 48GB Ram, 2x146GB SAS Drives
Lot of 16 SAS Drives - 72GB
AP7930 // An APC 20Amp 24 port Switched APC PDU for sale
DDR3 16GB/8GB/4GB 1333Mhz Memory sticks for sale
Dell PowerEdge R320 1U Six Core E5-2430 Hardware RAID
HP Blade servers (BL20p G3)
Dell Force10 S4810P-AC x 2 For Sale
Selling 1u Server | XEON X3470 2.93Ghz | 16 GB DDR3 | 2 TB hard drive
1U SuperMicro - Xeon E3-1230 16GB RAM 2x 2TB HDs
Dell C2100 - 12x1TB w/ H700 Controller - $2495
Adaptec 5805ZQ Cards for Sale
cisco vpn concentrator 3000
16G ram stick for Supermicro X8DTL-iF?
[WTS] 32GB DDR3-ECC Kingston RAM & 1U Supermicro Chassis
HP DL380p G8 2U Server, E5-2640 six core, 16GB RAM, BRAND NEW
Dell Poweredge 1950 & Datacenter Server (VPS & Shared NODE)
Mac Mini Server For Sale 16GB Ram Apple Care Till April 10, 2013 and More
Belkin RK4000 racks - North Carolina
Dell M600 Blades - Buy 16, Get Free Enclosure
Intel x520-DA2 full height bracket.
[WTB] SuperMicro 2U 6 Bay SATA
Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series system - MAKE OFFER
Servers for Service Providers
Lantronix SecureLinx Spider KVM - Like New - $220
Dell PowerEdge 2950 III's. Cheap
[WTS] BARRACUDA Spam Firewall 400 & FireBox X5 Edge Firewall
WatchGuard XTM 525 & 1 Year Security Bundle
8x SuperMicro 12 bay 800W Server Chassis SC826TQ-R800LPB
(2) Dell SC440, (1) Cisco 7970 VoIP Phone - Like New
[Sale] Supermicro Dual L5420/24 GB/2x 500GB HDD - Sell/Rent - USA/Atlanta
Dell Blades - M600, M610, M710HD, M910 and Blade Enclosure
Dual Opteron 285 4x2.6GHZ 1U 16GB RAM 4x250GB HDD
Dell Poweredge R710, R610, R510, R410 for sale
WS-G5483 in MD/VA/DC
Two Servers, VoIP Phone & More!
Supermicro SSD database servers for sale
WTB: Server with around 100GB of ram and 6+2.5" slots
WTB: E5-2620 & 48 GB RAM DDR3 ECC
DUAL L5420 w/8GB RAM and 2x 500GB SATA 7,2000 RPM drives for sale in Los Angeles.
SuperMicro 1U - 2x Quad Core Xeon 5310 - 4GB RAM - 2x 250GB SATA
Quadranet.com DC , Supermicro Dual L5420+16G ram =$312
MailFoundry 6100 & 2100 unit's 'For Sale' Hardware Spam & Anti Virus Filter
Hypervisor Servers for sale
HP NC510F 10GB PCI-E x8 Fibre Channel Cards (16 Available)
Dell Power Edge R415
[For Sale] Force10 S4810P 48x10 Gbe. New. Unopened.
Supermicro 6026TT-HTRF (4 x Nodes) - 8 x X5560, 96Gb
2 x Intel Xeon E5404 For Sale [Colocated]
Dell M710HD Blade Server
WTB AP7930
Lots of PowerEdge 1850 1Us
Dell PowerEdge R710 and HP Servers
Second Auction on my FDC used server.
Dell PowerEdge R720xd and PowerVault MD3620f
Dell Poweredge R710 2 x X5560, 48Gb, 8 x 300Gb 1980 / $3150
WTS - Dell 1950 III dual quad core L5410
HP ProLiant DL140 G3 2x quad core
Server Bundles
SonicWall 3500
Used Equallogic...
30 x Poweredge R610, 2 x X5560, 48Gb, 6 x 300Gb
FS: 2x 250GB WD RE3 HD
WTS::Supermico 1u / quad core / 8gig / 2 x 500gb servers
Brand NEW Tripp Lite PDUMH20ATNET in Los Angeles
HP DL360 and Dell Poweredge Servers R710
transfering, giving out, my used servers in FDC.
Like new Dell T110 II PowerEdge Server For sale!
Dell PowerEdge 2950 II
2x Denco Close Coupled Computer Room Air Conditioning Units
WTS - Dell 1950 III dual quad core L5410 and Juniper SSG5 firewall
AMD Opteron 6134 Magny-Cours 8-Core Processor
8GB DDR2 and 16GB DDR3 Modules for sale
MUST LOOK: Servers and other equipment for sale (Denver, CO)
X3220 server for sales
Supermicro Server For Sale - 300GB Hard Drive - 6GB Ram - Dual Core Intel Xeon
Singapore Rack Servers
(10) x Super Talent DDR3-1333 8GB/256Mx8 ECC/REG - W13RC8G8H - Free Shipping
Infiniband Switch + NIC's great for cloud storage CHEAP
[UK] WD VelociRaptor WD6000HLHX / WD6000BLHX 600GB 2.5" 10000rpm SATA 6Gb/s HDDs
Need supermicro HD caddies.
Networking & SAN
[US, Seattle] Free Server For Collection
Looking for PC2 5300R or PC2 3200R 4G RAM sticks
10 x SuperMicro P8SCi with 3Ware RAID
2 * Juniper EX4200-48P + 1 * EX4200-24F
Lot of seven(7) Supermicro 1U chassis BRAND NEW with Rackmount Rails and PSU $875
Dell R510 w/ 12x1TB Drives
DELL PE 1950 2 X Intel Xeon E5405
One box of 10 RE3 1TB WD1002FBYS drives -- 575 shipped
Dell 1950s, r310s, md3000i
Singapore Rack Server
AMD Opteron 6134 Magny-Cours 8-Core Processor
Firewall, Switch and Mailfoundry
5x 300GB 10k SATA II HDs
Dell PowerEdge T410 Dual E5620, 12gb, 4x 250gb PERC6 w/ BBU, Redundant PSU
(3) x Kingston ValueRAM KVR1333D3E9S/4GHB 4GB DDR3 ECC SDRAM Free Shipping
looking for apc pdus
Supermicro Servers forsale in Toronto (get rid of unwanted HW)
Cleaning House - Miscellaneous Parts and Equipment
Dell M600 Blade - 2x30GHz QC, 12GB, 2x73GB,Cerc6 - $585
Final Batch - Supermicro 4 Node Servers, 8 x X5560, 96Gb, $4000 / 2600
1U Dual 5410 Server / 32GB RAM / etc...
Sell off your server hardware
Digital Loggers SS20 Serial I/O Switch - 20 ports
Selling Two (2) Intel X5650 Processors OEM
AMD Opteron 6134 Magny-Cours 8-Core Processor - $275
MyDediServer is for sale
WTS - Dell 1950 III dual quad core L5410 and Juniper SSG5 firewall
Looking to trade power cords
SuperMicro Servers
i5 760, 4GB Ram + More
Miscellaneous Server & Parts
Supermicro 6026TT-HTRF (4 x Nodes) - Dual E5645 (six-core), 48Gb, 3 x 1Tb
Singapore Racked Server
E4500 server for sale
AMD Opteron 6134 Magny-Cours 8-Core Processor
TRIPP LITE PDUMH20NET PDU, Cisco Switches, and 16 Port KVM For sale!
Intel X520-T2 10GbE
Dell R810 w/ 2xE7-4830 8-Core CPU's, 128GB Memory and...
1U Servers: Dual Xeon 5680, 300GB SAS, 2TB Ent SATA, IPMI/KVM, Asheville NC
Dedicated Server Needed
Cleaning House - Miscellaneous Parts and Equipment
Sale - Supermicro 4 Node (8 x X5560)
1TB Constellation ES 7200RPM SATA Drives
1TB RE3 Sata Drives - Sets of 10 drives
[WTS] quite a bit of ddr3 4gb ecc unregistered memory
Network gears for sale (Cisco, Juniper, Dell)
2 Servers For Sale - Both Are 1U - Great Condition - Very Affordable
[Sale] Supermicro X5560, 12GB ram, 2x450GB 15k, RAID
Take over my server, *Amazing* price! i5 3.3ghz, 8GB RAM, 1TB disk, cPanel
when will E5-2620's replacement be out?
Dell 2950 III - 2xL5420, 12GB, 2x1TB, Perc5i, 2xPSU - $785
Singapore Rack Server
[Sale] Supermicro Dual L5420/16 GB/4x1 TB - Sell/LTO/Rent
Motherboard, CPU, Intel Nics and Servers for sale
[UK] Parts for sale - Q6600 G0 2.4Ghz - 4GB DDRII RAM - 250GB SATAII
[BRAND NEW] 4 Port Ethernet Intel E1G44HT Server Adapter - $300
Dell C2100 - 2U with 12TB (12x1TB) - $2450.00
Miscellaneous Server & Parts [New & Used]
Dell 2161DS-2 KVM [Like New]
WTS - Dell 1950 III dual quad core L5410 and Juniper SSG5 firewall
Brand New Western Digital Hard Drives for sale!
Pedestal and Rackmount Servers starting @ $300