looking for apc pdus
Supermicro Servers forsale in Toronto (get rid of unwanted HW)
Cleaning House - Miscellaneous Parts and Equipment
Dell M600 Blade - 2x30GHz QC, 12GB, 2x73GB,Cerc6 - $585
Final Batch - Supermicro 4 Node Servers, 8 x X5560, 96Gb, $4000 / 2600
1U Dual 5410 Server / 32GB RAM / etc...
Sell off your server hardware
Digital Loggers SS20 Serial I/O Switch - 20 ports
Selling Two (2) Intel X5650 Processors OEM
AMD Opteron 6134 Magny-Cours 8-Core Processor - $275
MyDediServer is for sale
WTS - Dell 1950 III dual quad core L5410 and Juniper SSG5 firewall
Looking to trade power cords
SuperMicro Servers
i5 760, 4GB Ram + More
Miscellaneous Server & Parts
Supermicro 6026TT-HTRF (4 x Nodes) - Dual E5645 (six-core), 48Gb, 3 x 1Tb
Singapore Racked Server
E4500 server for sale
AMD Opteron 6134 Magny-Cours 8-Core Processor
TRIPP LITE PDUMH20NET PDU, Cisco Switches, and 16 Port KVM For sale!
Intel X520-T2 10GbE
Dell R810 w/ 2xE7-4830 8-Core CPU's, 128GB Memory and...
1U Servers: Dual Xeon 5680, 300GB SAS, 2TB Ent SATA, IPMI/KVM, Asheville NC
Dedicated Server Needed
Cleaning House - Miscellaneous Parts and Equipment
Sale - Supermicro 4 Node (8 x X5560)
1TB Constellation ES 7200RPM SATA Drives
1TB RE3 Sata Drives - Sets of 10 drives
[WTS] quite a bit of ddr3 4gb ecc unregistered memory
Network gears for sale (Cisco, Juniper, Dell)
2 Servers For Sale - Both Are 1U - Great Condition - Very Affordable
[Sale] Supermicro X5560, 12GB ram, 2x450GB 15k, RAID
Take over my server, *Amazing* price! i5 3.3ghz, 8GB RAM, 1TB disk, cPanel
when will E5-2620's replacement be out?
Dell 2950 III - 2xL5420, 12GB, 2x1TB, Perc5i, 2xPSU - $785
Singapore Rack Server
[Sale] Supermicro Dual L5420/16 GB/4x1 TB - Sell/LTO/Rent
Motherboard, CPU, Intel Nics and Servers for sale
[UK] Parts for sale - Q6600 G0 2.4Ghz - 4GB DDRII RAM - 250GB SATAII
[BRAND NEW] 4 Port Ethernet Intel E1G44HT Server Adapter - $300
Dell C2100 - 2U with 12TB (12x1TB) - $2450.00
Miscellaneous Server & Parts [New & Used]
Dell 2161DS-2 KVM [Like New]
WTS - Dell 1950 III dual quad core L5410 and Juniper SSG5 firewall
Brand New Western Digital Hard Drives for sale!
Pedestal and Rackmount Servers starting @ $300
XEON 5630 Server hardware raid 4 x 1TB WD for sale
Singapore Rack Server Singapore GPU Server
[For Sale] Supermicro Dual L5420/16 GB/4x1 TB drives
WTB: Supermicro , DELL servers and parts in Netherland and Sweden
AMD Opteron 6134 Magny-Cours 8-Core Processor
[Buy] A few server hardware pieces (Not a full server)
Juniper J2320 routers for sale
Various Hardware
Supermicro Supplier in the USA
[FS] Supermicro 2xL5420 16GB RAM, 4x500GB 1U - $400
Dell M1000e Blade Enclosures
Selling Raid Card - HighPoint RocketRAID 640
WTB Storage Server
Singapore Rack Server Singapore GPU Server
Looking to buy 1U and 2U Dual 1366 Barebones/Servers from the UK
AMD Opteron 6134 Magny-Cours 8-Core Processor
RAM-a-palooza! and various other gear
Dual Opteron +16G ram =$220
3Ware 9550SX-4LP Hardware RAID 0/1/5/10 card with BBU for sale!
Singapore Rack Hosting
Dell M710HD Blade Server - Half Height - 18 DIMM Slots
Selling SuperMicro Dual L5420 16GB 4x 1TB WD RAID
AMD Opteron 6134 Magny-Cours 8-Core Processor
Dual Xeon E5345 Server
2x HP 1/10 GB Virtual Connect Ethernet module (for C-Class bladeservers, 399593-B22)
Dell PowerEdge R610 - 2xE5502, 2x146GB, 24GB, Perc6, 2xPSU, Rail - $1895
AMD Opteron 6134 Magny-Cours 2.3GHz 8 x 512KB L2 Cache 12MB L3 Cache Socket G34 115W
Looking to buy 1U Servers Shipped to Zlin, Czech Republic
Miami local pickup only hardware: Router, Storage, Servers for sale
[UK] Dell Poweredge 1950 v3 1U rackount server with twin QuadCore Xeons
*NEW* Intel Xeon x3330 (quad-core), 1TB drive --- $250 --- Wilkes-Barre, PA
Singapore Rack Servers
Cheap Supermicro Server Q8200 + 1U/2U Hotswap chasis
Offering: Intel S5000PSLSATA W/2 Cuad Core Xeons
Cisco Optics - End of quarter discounts!
UK: Dell R310 - L3426 - 4x4GB memory - 4x2TB SATA - HW R5
Dual Xeon E5410 2.33Ghz - 12GB RAM
Rack Servers from Singapore
Phenom X6 1090T 16GB ECC 4x10K RAID10 system
Dual Opteron +16G ram +2 HDs =$250
$200 Server for Sale / Quality / Reliable / Ready to Ship
[CA] Dell 2161DS 16-port KVM
Want to buy Juniper RE-850-1536 routing engines
(2x) eVGA Geforce 9800 GT's For Sale
Baytech RPC-3 8 Port Remote Rebooter (serial + network access)
2 Dell PowerEdge Servers for sale R200 & PE860
Various APC PDU's and APC replacement batteries for sale
BRAND NEW 9x Dell R710 Dual Quad Core + 42U Rack & UPS
Active Server / Great Condition / Woodcrest Server for Sale for Cheap!
[WTB] Seagate Cheetah +450 GB SAS 15K Drives
Singapore Rack Servers
Looking for a reliable L3 switch(1gbps or 10gbps)
Various HDDs for sale
Servers, processors, motherboards, nics, chassis, infiniband all must go
X6 Phenom II 1U server with 1TB X 2 and 16GB RAM with FDC chicago colo option
3 x Seagate 450GB 15k SAS
200 active Super Micro servers for sale.
[UK] Custom 1U Server Building Services
FS: Dual Xeon E5410 2.33Ghz - 12GB RAM
[Brand NEW] Hitachi 4TB "7200RPM" is here! FREE shipping
Needed: Intel S5000PSL SATAR
L5420's for sale -
Singapore Rack Servers
FS: Mellanox 36-port 40Gbps QDR Infiniband switch
Supermicro Servers forsale in Toronto (get rid of unwanted HW)
Xeon X3460 + 6GB DDR3 ECC + 4x500GB RE3 + Adaptec 2405 + Supermicro 1U
E3-1230, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 4x 300GB SAS 15k RPM / LSI RAID10 - Netherlands
Servers Located within Netherlands
1U servers for sale - starting bid $0.01!
10x - Dual Xeon Quad Core L5420, 8GB RAM, 500GB HDD
FS: Intel 10 Gigabit AF DA Dual Port Server Adapter
Selling SSD(s)
Storage/NAS Server for sell 8 x 3.5 HD hotswap
Dual Opteron +16G ram +4 HDs =cheap!
5 months old E3-1230 - 8GB - 2x250GB - RAID card - Hotswap
[FOR SALE][For Sale] Dual Xeon 5440 & Dual Opteron 280
(WTB)---Looking for a Layer 3 switch
Rack Servers from Singapore
Where to buy WD Drives?
SuperMicro Servers for Sale
1u Supermicro i7 940, 16GB Ram, 1.5TB SATA
1x Brand New WD1003FBYX (1TB RE4) @ $140
2x E5520 cpu's, 6x4GB PC8500 ECC Buf, 2x 146GB 15k SAS w/ Dell tray R710
Crazy Sale: Two Quality Servers For Sale
Supermicro servers for sales
Servers for Sale
[SELLING] Dell R210's and Dell C6100's
Looking for a hardware
Cisco Catalyst 3500 24 Port Switches
Juniper equipment for sale
[UK] Intel Skt 1366 Twin QuadCore based 2U hotswap rackmount server with rails
WTB: NEW ST3300657SS with warranty
2x Atom D525, 2x2GB RAM, 1x500GB WD RE4
Overstock - RAM, CPU, SSDs and HDDs
i need to used Server
F/S Dell Poweredge Servers / Network Switches - New Pricing
Cisco 4948 [and soon to be more devices]
Xeon X3460 + 6GB DDR3 ECC + 4x500GB RE3 + Adaptec 2405 + Supermicro 1U [NEW PRICE]
Cisco 3750G Switches - 5-Year Warranty
[For Sale] Dual Xeon 5440 & Dual Opteron 280
2x Juniper ISG 1000 firewall with ISG GB2TX
WTB Hardware on Lease to Own
Rent to own server at ColoUnlimited.
Dell C6100 Servers/PowerVault MD3200i
1U/2U servers, Cisco switches for sale
Buying: Opteron processors/motherboards, server chassis (12 or 24 bay), and PSUs.
Memory for sale (and a tower)
[SELLING] Dell C-6100's and R200's
[UK] For Sale: 1U Q6600 Servers (x2)
Supermicro HD502HJ 500G drives, $35/ea
Too Many 4GB 10600R DIMMS......
Xeon X3460 + 6GB DDR3 ECC + 4x500GB RE3 + Adaptec 2405 + Supermicro 1U + KVM
WTB : Vyatta compatible server
Servers and switch
(Canada) Dell or HP Enterprise Products
Lets move em! Got some servers to get rid of
WTB: L5420/E5504(5405)/Q6600 (And Motherboards)
[NL] 2x Cisco UCS C200 M2 (Bundle1) 2x X5650 + 40GB Ram + 2x 15k SAS
3Ware 9550SX-8LP 8 Port Raid Card Low Profile
[Brand New] TrippLite 20A 16 Port 1U ATS/Switched PDUMH20ATNET
3U Storage Server (HW RAID, 16TB, 14GB DDR3, 8-core Opteron)
1U/2U servers, Cisco switches for sale
Q9300 - 1U server for sales
APC AP7900 8 Port Switched PDU
[DE-EU] WTB: New or Used Server(s)
Rack Cleaning Sale (HD, Chassis, Switches and Servers)
Dell PowerVault MD3620i
Dell 1950 32GB, 2x3.0 Quad 2x73gb 15k
[UK] HP 1U Servers for Sale have 100 in stock
[US] For sale 1u, i7 950 3.0GHz, 12GB ddr3, 4x500gb
[FS] Supermicro X7DBN, 2 x XEON 5335, 4 x WD Black 640G
[UK] Looking for new or fairly new 1U rackmount server
UK - Dedicated Hardware For Sale (1U,2U)
[UK] Colocated Dedicated Server For Sale! XEON | 16GB RAM
[UK] Lots of used server hardware for sale! Something for every budget!
Dell Poweredge XS23, 2U, (8)QC Procs, 64GB, (8) 750GB HDD. Full Rack $49k-22 units
For sale: QTY 12 AMD Opteron 6168 12-core CPUs
1U server for sales
4GB DDR2 ECC RAM - $20
Selling: 6x Seagate 250GB Barracuda 7200RPM SATA Hard Drives + others
Dell PowerEdge R210II - E3-1270 / 8GB / 250GB
For Sale - Mailfoundry 4100 (2 devices)
We build and Install your server in any datacenter of the Chicago area for only $100.
6 x 4GB sticks of RAM DDR3 10600 1333 memory and network gear for sale
[SELL] Supermicro server - NEW - X8DTL-6F - 2 x E5620 - 16G RAM - 1TB HDD.