WTB. Dell R410s or R610s. In total 20 pcs.
For sale lightly used Juniper + Supermicro e5-24** in EU worth 250k
WTB: supermicro 4U box
Juniper EX3200 24T For Sale
[US] Dell PowerEdge R220 Servers for Sale
18 E3 Servers - $500 a piece
[EU] 1U Dell + Dual Xeon 5410 + 24GB RAM + 2 x 2TB HDD [REDUCED PRICE]
1U Hardware 2 Dual L5520, 24GB RAM + Free HDDs, 2 Dual L5420, 24GB RAM + Free HDDs
[EU] 1U Dell + Dual Xeon 5410 + 24GB RAM + 2 x 2TB HDD
1U Supermicro - E3-1230 v2 - 32GB RAM - 500GB HDD + 128GB SSD
Lot of 9 servers (working) for sale w/ colocation in dacentec
Dell Storage - MD3600i, MD3060e, MD3260
Hardware components for sale!
Adaptec 6405e
3x HP DL160, 72GB RAM Servers
Dual Xeon L5420 / 16GB ram / 2 x 1TB /P400 RAID
[UK] SDMO RES 13 Soundproof Gas/LPG Generator & APC SYMMETRA on-line UPS
Norco C-24U 24U Rack Cabinet - San Francisco
Two Dell Servers For Sale
Qty 11 Supermicro AMD 48 Core 64 GB Servers
Dell OptiPlex FX160 Thin Client / Server Intel Atom 1.6Ghz 2GB RAM 1GB ATA Flash
2 Dual L5520 24GB RAM - 2 Dual L5420 24GB RAM Servers -Available for Sale in Buffalo
SuperMirco Servers, Intel S3700 800GB, Cisco 7604 Router
PDU, switches for sale
Hardware: W13RB8G4H, Raid Card, AMD CPU
More Dell R620 machines. Single/Dual E5-2620V2, 32-128GB memory, 4-8 300GB 10k SAS
Intel E3-1230v2 - 32gb RAM - 300gb + 40gb SSD
Large lot of SuperMicro servers
Dell E2K-UCS-51 (B) PowerEdge PCI-e RAID card For Sale
Sale: 3 Server Intel Xeon 5520 - 24GB RAM 1TB HDD $1500.00
Server Supersale! Located in the Toronto area
Intel Xeon E5-1650 v2 CPU - Brand New - Never Used
Various Hardware for Sale
5 x HP Proliant 2XL5420 16GB 4 x 146GB SAS for sale
20x Dell R620's in bay area, 128GB dual E5-2620v2, 8x 300GB SAS 10k, see details
5x Supermicro 5016T-MTFB, Xeon 5620, 12GB DRR3 ECC, 4x 300G Cheetah 15K.7
FS: E5-2450V2 / X9DB3-F
Selling Server Dell PowerEdge C1100 And Dell PowerEdge R610
Used Juniper DPCE-R-4XGE-XFP cards for sale
Need Dell caddies in Continuum
Juniper EX3200 24T For Sale
Samsung SSD 512gb PRO / 1tb EVO
Sale: Supermicro 1U Server X9SCM-F Xeon E3-1230 16 GB RAM 4 x 1TB HD IPMI + KVM 2 x G
Selling Servers with Intel 5620 and Intel 5640 CPU
Juniper Equipment for Sale
Brand New Supermicro 1U Server Chassis/Case CSE-815TQ-560CB Black
Sale: 7 Server Intel Xeon 5520 - 24GB RAM 1TB HDD $2500.00
Some Servers - UK - HP DL360 G5, IBM x3650, HP DL145 G2
Server Hardware for Sale located in Scotland, UK
Juniper Network Switches & Routers - Brand New (QFX, EX, MX)
Dell PowerEdge Tower Server - Dual Core Xeon - 2 x 500GB - Dell UCS RAID - 4GB RAM
9 Servers for Sale (wholesale) 2x L5420s $1,500k
6x WD 1TB RE4
Toshiba PX02SMU080 800GB 12gbps SAS eMLC SSDs
Selling Server
APC PDUs - Dallas
Server For Sale: Xeon E5 / 64GB ECC RAM / LSI 9260 CacheCade 2.0 / 5TB SSD / 4TB SATA
Selling 2x Intel E 5620 2.4Ghz 24GB RAM
Eaton 9390 Powerware 160KVa UPS 480v 208v 3phase not APC Symmetra Liebert
Server for sale! 250$ (one time)
Dell R710 - (2) X5675 6C CPUs/24GB/2x1TB
FS: HP DL380 G6 - 2x E5540, 64GB, 6x1TB, 512MB-BBC - $2000/ea
Foundry FastIron Edge X FESX448+2XG Dual Power Switch | X4-2XG XFP
KVMs for Sale
HP ProLiant ML150 G6
FS: HP DL380 G6 - 2x E5540, 64GB, 6x1TB, 512MB-BBC - $2250/ea
WTS - Dell R610 2x L5540 + 64 GB RAM
Old Kingston RAM / Adaptec & 3ware RAID Cards
[Dacentec] Dual Xeon L5420 (8cores) / 24GB ram / 2 x 500GB
Anyone looking for a little monster?
Server For Sale
New- 2x 32 GB Kingston RDIMM Kits
Selling Intel Xeon Quad Core L5410 at $120.00
Used Juniper EX3200-48P and EX3200-24T
Brand New Juniper gear for resale - highly discounted
Various Juniper EX4200 switches for sale
7 pieces Intel Xeon E5-2690 2.9 Ghz available
128X 16GB RAM for Sale
HP ProLiant DL320e Gen8 E3-1230v3 - Europe
[WTS]2U Dual E5520 32GB LSI Raid CARD 12HDD Support 2X1TB WD RE4 2Power Include
Cisco 3560G 48TS Switch / 1TB HDD
Dual Xeon L5420 (8cores) / 16GB ram / 2 x 1TB (Dacentec)
Brand New Juniper gear for resale - highly discounted
Juniper EX4200-48P, dual PSU, SFP+ module
Servers for Sale
Internap 10G FCP & FCR BGP Optimizer, Arista & Foundry gear & a few high end servers
1u Supermicro - Intel E5-2620 - 32GB RAM - 6x 750GB SATA - IPMI
Dell PowerVault MD1200 12 x 2TB SAS @ 1500 GBP
Tyan gt24b8226 (b8226g24w4h) 1u amd
8x WD 1.5T Black Drive for sale
Supermicro 1U Server 2x Xeon E5420 2.5ghz Quad Core / 16gb Ram / 1tb SATA
SUPERMICRO 1U Half Depth 2x L5420 Xeon QC 2.5GHz, 16GB, 500GB, X7DVL-L (San Jose, CA)
RioRey RS10 DDoS Mitigation Device
[Manchester, UK] 1U E3-1270 v2 32GB Supermicro (short-depth)
[UK] Various quad core 1U Servers for sale
4x256MB DRR RAM and an Intel Pentium 4 CPU
Turnkey Colo/VMs 2x L5420 32gb Hybrid HDD Zcolo (Colounlimited/Corexchange) DLLSTX03
High Performance 22 Node Cluster for Sale or Rent
Decent Supermicro server & job lot of legacy kit
[WTS] 2x Dell Poweredge R610
[WTB][UK] E3/E5 Servers Rackmount
1u Supermicro - Intel E5-2620 - 32GB RAM - 6x 750GB SATA - IPMI
Cisco Catalyst 3560G
Disposed equipment at GoRack. Pick till Aug. 22nd.
[WTS] Juniper QFX3500
[WTS] Dual Xeon E5 2620, 4x4TB HDD & 96gb RAM @ FDC NY
Unused Hardware Available - Any Interest
[WTB] 2x X5355/X5365 CPUs
Various hardware for pickup at Dacentec - Lenoir NC
Cisco 7604 Router and Seagate 600GB SAS 10K Drives
5 X Dell R210 II - E3-1230 / 8GB RAM / 300GB SAS 15K HDD / RAID / Rail @ $2500
Dell PowerEdge 2650 Rack Mount Server
Brocade CER RT router. 1.5M ipv4 routes
Brocade CES-2048CX - $2500
Pack of 10 gruber rails
Juniper MX80-48T-DC
Supermicro 5017R-MTRF + 12 Core Xeon E5-2620 2GHZ + 32GB RAM + 4x 250GB RE4 Disk
Brocade CES-2048CX For Sale
Brocade CER router 24 ports, 1U
Dell R210 and SUPERMICRO SYS-5016I-MT for sale. 400$ for both.
100x E3 Supermicro 1U Servers, IPMI/KVM, 4x Hot swap 3.5" Drive Bays
144x 4GB Supertalent ECC RAM $2,900
Used Juniper DPCE-R-Q-20GE-2XGE for sale
Dell 15K SAS HDD's for sale
33 1U servers, 20 blades, 2 routers, FT Worth/Dallas area
Dell M1000e Blade Enclosures
Supermicro 813MTQ + X9SCL+-F + E3-1230v2 + 32GB DDR3 + 4 x 1TB WD Raid Edition
ProLiant 2 x Dual Core. Located at FDC Denver. $35
KVMs, RAM and HDDs for Sale
Two beasts for sale
Hardware Lease Required in SmartDC (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
Dell C6100 Replacement Nodes and Misc. Hardware
Three SuperMicro Servers
Manchester, UK: 1U, cabled chassis - E3-1230 - 4x8GB memory
Western Digital RE WD4000FYYZ 4TB 7200 RPM - $229 per drive FS
Intel 10GBe NICs for sale
A few servers to sell in Florida.
HP and Cisco Gear for sale
Dual E5530 2.4GHz Xeon - 48 GB Ram - 3 x 450 GB SAS
24 core, 64gb ram, Dell
1U Dual Quad L5420's
For Sale. SUPERMICRO SYS-5016I-MT, X3460 CPU, 2GB DDR3, 1TB+750G SATA. 250$
New MX5-T-AC for sale
Mikrotik CCR1036-8G-2S+
Looking for lease to own hardwares in rotterdam, the netherlands
2x Adaptec 6504e $170 Including Shipping
[For Sale] Dual Intel Xeon Supermicro 1U Servers
(WTB) Bulk off-lease hardware
HP ProCurve (J9298A) 8-Ports External Switch Managed PoE
For Sale - IBM 7.5 KVA UPS Rackmount
[For Sale] 11x Commscope UNP610-ANG-48P Angled Patch Panels
FS - E3 1230v2, 32GB RAM, 4 x 750GB drives, Adaptec 6405E - $1200 OBO
Three SuperMicro Servers
Supermicro E3-1270v3 --- RAM --- HDD's --- PDU's --- Juniper EX2200 --- and more...
FS: 1U SuperMicro 6017R-TDAF Barebone Server Chasis (Dual CPU)
Server at Dancetec for sales
APC 208 volt Zero-U PDUs
(WTB) Supermicro Servers Bulk
Used EX4200-24T and EX4200-48T for sale
4 500gb RE4 WD5003ABYX
2xDell R715 2u For Sale -- Cheap! 2x12 Core, 96GB, RAID, Rails
SuperMicro - E3-1270V2 | 32GB Ram | 4 X 3TB Drives Starting $999
[WTB] 2 or 3 Sets of Supermicro Rails for SC812 Chassis ---- CSE-PT34 or CSE-PT34L
Supermicro | 4x SSD - LSI RAID CARD - E3-1230v2 - 32GB RAM
HP Dual Intel Xeon L5420 16Gb 2x1 TB for Sale
Cyberpower OR2200PFCRT2U - 20A 1320W Pure Sine Wave 2U UPS
Supermicro | E3-1230 | 32GB DDR3 | 2 x 500GB WD
New Brocade NI-MLX-10GX8-M cards for sale
WTB e3 & e5 servers, EU!
7x WD7500AZEX drives
Supermicro 813MTQ + X9SCM + E3-1230 + 32GB DDR3 + 4 x 500GB WD Raid Edition
Possible unloading hardware ? (server for sale)
Supermicro | E3-1240v3 | 4 x 4TB HDD | 32GB RAM | LSI 9220-8i Hardware RAID
1U DELL POWER EDGE1950 II XEON E5405 | 1x1.5TB HDD | 1x500GB HDD | 16GB RAM
1U Supermicro | 2xL5420 | 2x500 GB HDD | 24GB RAM
2x Supermicro 1U E3-1230v2 - 32 GB RAM - 1 TB HDD
Cisco ASA 5510
Variety of servers for sale, and some KVM's & a switch
Supermico 1U, E3-1240v2, 32GB, 2xSSD, 2xSATA, RAID /w BBU - MAXED OUT
Dell 5520 / 36G ram / 1TB / 2 network
APC PDU/Juniper Gear for Sale
AP7532 PDU Unit for sale
Selling 1U Supermicro - 2x E5-2620 - 4x8GB - 2x Intel SSD 520 60GB - LSI 9260-4i BBU
3x Supermicro 1U E3-1230v2 - 32 GB RAM - 1 TB HDD
Server parts for sale
Cisco X2-10GB-SR .. $30 + $5/shipping
Supermicro 1U Rackmount Full System E3-1230 / X9SCL+-F - Full System
Proc / hdd / ram
Supermicro servers, cisco router 7604 and Juniper EX4200-48P switches
1U - E3 1220v2 - 32GB ECC - Under warranty - 400$
Intel Series 530 240GB 2.5" SATA3 6Gb/s Solid State Drive
Dell Networking S60 Switches
2x E3-1270v2, 16 GB, Hardware Raid, very cheap
E3-1240 V3, 32GB, Hardware RAID 4 x 4TB Supermicro server
[UK] HP ML350p G8 Servers, SAS Drives
Dell PowerEdge C1100 CS24-TY 2x Intel Xeon L5520 24GB RAM
[US] Adaptec RAID Cards / Kingston RAM
Dell 2xL5420 8GB ram and 2x1TB SATA