Server Optimization for High-Traffic Apache/cPanel Server
Looking for FULL 24 x 7 outsourced helpdesk to support hosting network
Looking to outsource 1st level of tech support (PHONE)
Parallels Site-builder Setup Script
Need OpenVz / Xen Setup & Management Admins
Need Someone to Install/Configure Exchange
Need a server admin
[URGENT] Configure Dot Net Panel
Need a tech to restore our Server
Need help to start a hosting company with Virtuozzo an modernbill
Need network admin!
[URGENT] need a server looked at
Looking for server and network admin for few tasks
Need GlusterFS Help
Squid installed on other site. Need help
Need only one installation on windows 2003.
cPanel Server Optimization
Server keep timing out :( Paying for help
Server Management - Virtualisation
Server Configuration & Hardening ISPmanager
Outsourced support in polish
OpenVPN and DD-WRT Setup
server management kloxo and DA
Server got Hacked..need help
need to migrate vmware servers
Spanish per ticket support.
Outsourced Arabic Support
Server Configuration & Hardening
cPanel Server Setup and Config
Socks proxy setup on dedicated server
Need linux server admin to protect server - server under DDos attack
Need a admin on a work to work basis
Seeking sysadmin for 1 time setup
Looking to hire system admin (long term relationship)
Wanted Techie to install ssl on website
Outsourced Support & Management
Need to setup VPS on dedicated server - Long term Contract
POP/IMAP Fix (DA Custombuild)
Looking to outsoruce after hours support
Urgent:: Need someone who is expert on openvpn and openvz/xen
Server Migration
mysql replication teacher needed
Need someone to fix Apache config on VPS
PHP operation not permitted (User permissions need fix will pay)
Looking for a quote
Getting Rid of Spam e-mails
Cacti Install Help
Need someone to check my server security (A recent DDoS took down my site)
Virtualmin installed with suexec
Apache mod-rewrite installation
Mencoder expert needed. Video Conversion
Need Semi-Server Admin
Need someone to transfer clients
Need 1 Server Hardening
[Hire] Complete Server Setup
Job: ffmpeg install on cPanel
Need server admin to do couple things. (fast)
Move Me From Dreamhost PS to Managed VPS
Need someone to config vpn packages on dedicated server
XenServer consultant needed
Set up download server
Looking for Singapore based service provider to get a web server installed
Looking for someon to config whm as my domains dont resolve on new install of cpanel
Need 2 servers secured/hardened.
Linux and dns expert needed
DDOS Help? Who do we contact?
Server Security
vBulletin Expert
HELM 4 Migration.
Secure and Migrate Cpanel Server
Torrentflux help
One time job - configuring and deploying rsnapshot
nginx installation
Setting up dedicated server software
Take Me Under Your Wing -- FREE WORK
Virtuozzo support needed - no bobcares please.
whmcs expert needed
Darwin Media Server
Server management for 3 dedicated servers
looking Sysadmin,to install XenServer Enterprise Edition
vnc, and plesk port change for $$$$
Network Engineer
Plesk Billing (Modernbill) set up
Plesk/WHMCS setup on FH VPS
CPanel account malware check up (one time)
Looking for someone to install nginx + cPanel
Good Company to manage windows server with Helm Panel
Virtuozzo Node with Centos 5 VLAN/Bridge Setup
[Emergency] HyperVM internal 500 error
Windows server admin required.
any management company who provide support to litespeed server?
Linux Centos 5 32bit - need to install Plesk or Cpanel
Looking for VPS server admin
Looking for manager for startup
Looking for Server Administrator
Looking for a Technical Partner
Windows Management + DotNetPanel Install
Server management required (please read for details)
Windows Server Secuirty Audit Required
Server Security Service Req.
Debian Administrator with DirectAdmin Experience
Looking for a monthly administration (video sharing website)
Optimization of Dedicated server with MYSQL and busy forum
Looking for an Elgg Expert
Looking to Hire a WHMCS expert!
Network Admin Job
Experience Admin needed - LUA 5.1, mod_unique_id, mod_security 2.5.9
ffmpeg, ffmpeg-php install on redhat enterprise / plesk control panel
Looking for solution
Need to recompile PHP file
swiftpanel configuration
HA setup architecture
Need software install on CentOS
Urgent situation, need expert quickly.
Need LXAdmin VPS setup and hardened.
Full Server Management
Full Management for Web Proxy Hosting Server
app_swift trixbox install
Looking for a cPanel/WHM expert!
Security Expert Needed. Virtuozzo/OpenVZ knowledge is a plus
Server setup
lm sensors install
OpenVPN Server Setup Required
Win 2k3 load balanced IIS servers crashing
Server instable - Need urgent help
VPN on Centos 5.2
MySQL Optimization
Set Dns Names in Webmin
Server setup
SMTP help.
DNS/MX Records and Mail Server Configuration
Setup Cisco Router w/ CME
Need someone to help migrate a large & complex site
[Needed] Server Admin with Knowledge in AWBS/CPanel
[Needed] Server Admin with Knowledge in HVM and OVZ.
Help migrating from qmail to postfix/amavis setup
Server Architecture
Sys Admin on Retainer
established webhost needs new WHM set up and
Server Setup
FFMpeg + FFMpeg-PHP + Compenents
Sys Administration work needed
Need some one to quick recompile php with imap.
Updating PCRE
Plesk Help
FFMPEG Installation Required ASAP
Litespeed install and configuration
WHMCS/SSL setup Needed ...
Game Server Adminstrator
Starting a domain registration service - Help/Programmer/Sysadmin needed.
Domainkeys setup
Mod Security 2 expert needed
Ubentu and Direct Admin tech
someone to partner with.
SSH Tunnelling Project
Need Quote
Internal Server Error: Need someone to fix
Please I need a partner
EMF is hiring system admin!
Server Help
'proftpd' down‏ (need help!)
Looking for Ubuntu and GlusterFS expert
Email Deliverabilty Guru Needed
root CPU usage out of control... server is leaking memory, and is constantly down
Management by $ 40
Server hardening and management
Need someone to Optimize and Tweak apache high-traffic server
Monthly Litespeed servermanagement needed.. Quote request..
[Paying] Setup Web Hosting (New York)
Need bandwidth throttled on dedicated.
Looking for UBUNTU DEBIAN expert
Openvz (HyperVM) Management required!
After a Quote (Xen VPS)
Looking for somoene to help transfer VPS clients (OpenVZ/HyperVM) to another server!
Server Hardening & Optimization
Assistance installing Exchange 2003 and Blackberry Exchange
Initial Server Setup & Hardening
Server Security Checkup Required
Windows plesk 8.6 to windows plesk 9 transfer
Ligthspeed Install Needed
Server Admin Needed Exchange 2003
Steam dedicated server pro wanted *Half Life*
Monthly management needed for VPS in Hong Kong
Configuring/Hardening 2 new servers WHM/Cpanel and MYSQL
Linux admin needed to help us with a backup server
need installation
Server management for 3 dedicated servers
Help Needed - HyperVM / Xen Host Issues
Host Node Security
Need Reputable Linux Server Manager One time work
New Fremont-2 vps help
Can I change Sever Name?
[URGENT] We need windows admin.
Plesk Linux VPS Administrator Needed
I need a good REAL system admin
Cpanel Server Support
Plesk 9, MSSQL, Server 2008 Help
500$ for the server management company who can help me within 48 hours