Freelance content writing and support
For Hire (Customer Service, Support Technican, SEO/Marketing) - 5 years experience
Level III Windows Admin
[HIRE FOR FREE] - Experinced Tech support
[For Hire] 5 years of experience in web hosting industry
[FOR HIRE] Experienced Technician / Accounting / Sales
[For Hire] Server Management , Technical Support , Phone Support 24x7x365
[For Hire] L1-L3 Tech Support + cPanel Server Management
Experienced Server Admin / Level 3 Technician
Looking for a Partner
Hire a Professional Web Developer & Designer
For Hire - FREE Experienced Tech Support
Hire a Professional Web Developer & Designer
Technical Support Expert
[For Hire] Server Administrator / Technical - Administrative Support
Looking to Supplement Income - L1,L2 Customer Support
[For Hire] 5 Years Experience, Linux Systems Administrator
For Hire: Senior System Admin L2, L3 Windows/Exchange/AD
Dedicated Server Interface with Mastermind
Systems Admin, PHP Programmer looking for work. No job to big, no job too small
[FOR HIRE] Linux Administrator and Web Application Developer (English/German)
Level 3 Administrator available
[For Hire] Experienced L2/L3 Administrator Available Now!
LEVEL III system administrator
BMC PATROL Support staff
Need Work: PSD to Web at a very cheap price!
Web Designer and Training!
For Hire: Level 1/2 technical support with experience.
We grow by helping you grow. Server Admins with 3-4 yrs of Exp.
Interested In Me?
Expert Freelance PHP / Flash developer is available
UK Sysadmin For Hire
For Hire- Ofshore php developers & web designers-custom php,joomla,wordpress
(FOR HIRE ) Cheap rate Openvz,xen,Vmware. cPanel, Plesk, DA, Linux administrator
[For Hire] Experienced PHP/mySQL Developer
[For Hire] Senior Linux Systems Administrator L1/L2/L3 Available Now!
Experienced Tech. Support Representative and Billing Rep. looking for work! 5+ years!
[FOR HIRE] Technical Support
A system Administrator with 5 years exp from India
[FOR HIRE] Experienced Technician / Accounting / Sales
[For Hire] System Administrator - Australia
Looking for a Fulltime Position - Please Read
Support worker
Windows Engineer 8+ years
System Administrator / Support Engineer ( Cpanel,Plesk, DA / Linux , FreeBSD )
I am looking to be an asset to your operation!
RHCE sysadmin looking for a part time job
[ForHire] Live Help Operator [Operator4You]
[FOR HIRE] Hardworking Linux/Windows Administrator with 3 years experience!!!
Level3 Sysadmin ready to work at a cost of $5 per hour
RE: Student Looking for work Experiance
For Hire - Experienced Server admin / Tech Support
Articler Writer Needed
Just a feeler... Anyone looking for a seasoned admin?
UK Sr Sysadmin For Hire
[For Hire] PHP Programer with 4 Years Experience in PHP
Experienced Server Admin looking for Job
[For Hire] 5 years of experience in web hosting industry
[For Hire] Systems Administrator
[Available] Content Writer, Blogger, SEO and more
[FOR HIRE] Experienced Technician / Accounting / Sales
Full time Offshore .net and SEO
[For Hire] Level 2 Tech (cPanel/Linux)
Level 1,2,3 remote technical support @ $5/hour
Birthday Treat - Quality Designed, Custom Templates for $50 + 3 Months FREE Hosting!
[For Hire] Highly Experienced Level 2/3 Linux /Network Administrator
Skilled IT student looking for work
[For Hire] Support / Sales Rep.
[For Hire] Support / Sales Rep.
[For Hire] Level 1 Web Hosting/Design Technician
[For Hire] Linux Administrator and Web Application Developer (English/German)
[WTH] WHMCS Registrar Module coder
[FOR HIRE] Level2 Linux/Windows Administrator with 3 years experience
[For Hire] 5+ yrs of IT experience in Web Hosting, Tech Support & Web Design.
[For Hire] Experienced Administrator - 8+ yrs Experience
[For Hire] looking to help out web host companys no pay required
For hire - Business and Account Manager, etc.
Looking for work on the side badly
[For Hire] Manager ( General-Sales-Marketing )
Experienced PHP/MySQL programmer and tech support person for hire.
12+ Years Web Hosting Experience Seeking For Full Time Employment
[For Hire] System Administrator, Web Developer, Tech Suport
I need an online job
[For Hire] VPS Node Admin & General Support - OpenVZ/HyperVM/vePortal - Cheap Rates
(For Hire!) Support Tickets/Account Manager/WHMcs Tech/Marketing Manager/Content Wite
[For Hire] Experienced Tech Support, Sales Representative, PHP/MySQL Developer
[For Hire] Experienced Tech & Admin - 7yrs Experience + Good References
(( Available For Hire )) - Former AlphaRed Support Manager and PHP/MySQL Developer
[For Hire] Support agent/tickets/account manager
Experienced Tech looking for a job!!
Appeal to community for work/leads
{For Hire} Skilled Web Design & Developer
[For Hire] 5 years of experience in web hosting industry
[For Hire] Web / Graphic Designer
5 years experienced PHP MySQL developer : $10/Hr
[For Hire] accounts manager/tech supp.
Available- php developers & web designers- custom php,joomla,zencart,wordpress,osc
[Available] Original Content Developer, Writers & Rewriters
[For Hire] Linux Administration, Script Installation, PHP Programming [CakePHP too!]
For Hire - EU Based
Scripts Installing & upgrading + Moving your site
Former Alphared President of Sales
For Hire Linux,cpanel,webhosting 5+ years of experience
Windows Eng/IT Manager - 8 years in the hosting industry
Tips for studend
UK Sr. System Administrator For Hire
[For hire] Linux+cPanel expert
[For Hire] US based - Linux System Admin - System Management/Freelance
[For Hire]- Level - 2, 3 Tech Support /Senior System Admin, cPanel/WHM & VZ/OpenVZ
Linux Server Administrator , 2 year experience for hire
Web Designer [For Hire]
Sales Representative/Support
[For Hire]- Level -1, 2, 3 Tech Support /Junior System Admin, cPanel/WHM, OpenVZ
Experienced freelancer looking for work
Freelancer Requiring Work
Oscommerce help $10 for 5mins work?
[Spanish and English] Level I - Level II - LiveChat - Costumer Services
System Engineer for hire with expertise in many areas
[For Hire] Linux Administrator and Web Application Developer (English/German)
Open Vz, Virtuzzo, Cpanel, Direct Admin specialist with more than 5 years experience
{FOR HIRE} cPanel/whm OpenVZ , XEN , Hypervm/lxadmin Expert Linux Administrator
[for hire] 4 year experienced linux server administrator
Freelance PHP MySQL programmer (6 yrs exp) looking for projects @ lower rates
Need something programmed? We can do ANYTHING - great price & fast turnaround!
[For HIRE]Linux/Unix Sytem Admin with 7+ yrs of experience
[For Hire] Experienced Sr. Linux/FreeBSD System Admin seeking part time work
[FOR HIRE] Experienced, Kick Ass Web development team
Server hardening + Iframe check and prevention for $30 only
[ SEEKING ] Tech Support (Tickets/E-mail) and Web Support Position
UK Sr. System Administrator For Hire
Linux admin for hire (L1, L2, L3, Chat)
[For hire] PHP programmer (WHT discount inside)
Basic skills cPanel, WHM - voluntary work.
[For Hire]Tech Support
[For Hire] Php/Mysql Developer (7 years of experience)
develoment of social network site
Linux 2+ years experienced System Administrators
For Hire- Offshore team of web designers & php developers
[FOR HIRE] System administrator. 1 yr exp, RHCE, in USA
[FOR HIRE] Level 1/2/3 Technical Support Engineer seeking casual employment!
Web Developer for Hire
Linux Server Admin - 3+ years of experience{{ Plesk + cPanel + Debian + RHEL }}
Quality work at marginal RATE!!
{FOR HIRE} Tech support,server admin , Mgmt.Chat , level 1,2,3 5+yrs experience
[FOR HIRE] UK Based Freelance Writer, Support and Sales Tech
[FOR HIRE] L1/2 Support - Sales - Oddjobs!
Looking for a perminant job/partnership or support desk
[For Hire] PHP developers team
Windows Engineer
Experienced Support Person For Hire.
[FOR HIRE] Support Technician/Server Administrator - Available up to 50 hours/week
Systems Administrator in VA
Looking for a job, partnership, etc. at a hosting company!
Server Expert to safeguard your Servers
Hire a IT & SEO Staff for ( $250 a/month ) Full Time For Hire
Looking for a part-time server security job
[FOR HIRE] Odd Jobs, Staff Management and Outsourcing
[For Hire] Support, Sales, New account set-up
Freelance designer looking for Pro-bono work.
NYC Metro (NJ, NYC) remote hands service
Looking for part time sales work
{FOR HIRE} cPanel/whm OpenVZ , XEN , Hypervm/lxadmin Expert Linux Administrator
[HIRE ME] Sale Rep. | Tech Support | Xhtml/Css !!!
Senior *nix Admin seeking work
Special offer: Get your website designed for $150! (designer with 9 years experience)
Need Custom Wordpress Design
For Hire Phone Support provided for Level1 Tech Support / Billing and Customer care
[offer] Junior System Administrator
[For Hire] Web Designer/Sales Rep/PHP Developer
[For Hire] Senior Linux Systems Administrator L1/L2 Available Now!
Experienced Datacenter Tech looking for a Full time Employment
Sales/Technical Support - Cheap pay per ticket rates - good hours
Tech support
[For Hire] PHP Developer
ServerSignature Open Source Solutions & Open Source Consulting
Server Expert looking for a job!!
[For Hire] Level 1/2 Support Tech, UK Based, Support/Livehelp/System Admins!
L1/L2/L3 System Engineer - Tech Support
SEO,SEM,link exchange for hire
{for hire} Excellent coder
[FOR HIRE] Technical Support Engineer !!! (Full/Part time!) Live Chat Support too!!!
Senior Windows Admin looking for part time work
[For Hire!] Sales / Technical Support - Lots of experience!
[For Hire] Livechat, Ticket, & Phone representative
[For Hire] Live Chat/Phone Sales+Support
For Hire - Technical and Sales Support
{FOR HIRE} cPanel/whm OpenVZ , XEN , Hypervm/lxadmin Expert Linux Administrator
[For Hire] Remote Linux Server Administrator with 5 years of hard core experience
Technical Support Engineer
Server Load Balancing / Failover Config that YOU can afford
Support Tech/Chat for hire
Support Technician For Hire
Sr. Administrator for HIRE !!
Linux guy looking for side work
[For Hire] Level 1 Tech Support/Billing Specialist/Customer Care
[For hire] Support Job.
Windows Engineer