Types of reseller web hosting accounts

Users with reseller web hosting accounts can resell web hosting disk space and bandwidth to clients of their own. Reseller web hosting accounts typically include a control panel where resellers can specify plan features and limits, set up and modify accounts, monitor usage, and so on. As the web hosting industry has developed, different types of reseller web hosting accounts have come onto the market.


Reseller accounts

A basic web hosting reseller account allows users to sell shared web hosting accounts or to host multiple websites of their own with the reseller account. In the web hosting industry, the term reseller account usually refers to this type of account.

Advantages of reseller accounts

  • Web hosts who are starting out often use a reseller account because of the low overhead costs. It allows web hosts to grow as their client base grows and to upgrade only when they need more resources.
  • Users can offer shared hosting accounts with the appearance of being bigger than they are.

Disadvantages of reseller accounts

More advantages and disadvantages of basic reseller accounts are on the Reseller hosting page.

Master reseller accounts

A master web hosting reseller account allows users to resell reseller accounts to other resellers in addition to offering shared hosting accounts. This ability is made possible via a cPanel plugin.

Advantages of master reseller accounts

  • Web hosts who are starting out can offer reseller hosting as well as shared hosting while still using a reseller account themselves.
  • Upstream support is still available.

Disadvantages of master reseller accounts

  • The cost of a mini VPS account can be comparable to that of a master reseller account, but master reseller accounts offer less control than VPS accounts.
  • Users with reseller accounts that are on someone else's reseller account may have their support requests go further up the chain before issues are resolved. For example, Person D on a shared account contacts Person C, his provider who has a sub-master reseller account. Depending on the issue, Person C may have to contact his reseller, Person B (the reseller above him), who may then contact Person A, who is the web host.
  • Web hosts have no control over who hosts on their servers beyond those with master reseller accounts. Less control means an increased possibility of spammers, sites with server-intensive scripts, illegal sites, and other problems.

Alpha reseller accounts

An alpha web hosting reseller account allows users to resell master reseller accounts in addition to basic reseller accounts and shared hosting accounts.

Advantages of alpha reseller accounts

  • Users can sell even more services than with master reseller accounts.

Disadvantages of alpha reseller accounts

  • The disadvantages of alpha reseller accounts are the same as with master reseller accounts but magnified.

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