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    Thumbs up review

    Summary provides reliable service and is priced well.


    This is my first review (and first post) on WHT, though I have read WHT for several years to find reviews and specials. This is my favorable review of, reviewed after using their service for 2 months.

    I ordered a VPS2 account (7.95/mo.) from on September 23rd. Since then, their service has been very good. After I placed my order, they provisioned my account instantly. I received login details for my new VPS within about a minute. That was unexpectedly fast!

    In the comments for my order, I requested that they install Ubuntu Server 10.04; however, when I logged into my VPS, it was running CentOS 5. I thought this was an error at first, but then I saw that I had an e-mail from support a saying I could install Ubuntu Server by one of two methods: either they would install Ubuntu Server for me, or I could install it using the SolusVM control panel. I think I made a mistake in asking for Ubuntu Server in the order comments instead of choosing it from a form field, so it was good that their support team noticed my request and immediately got in touch to fix the problem.

    After that, I didn't have any further interactions with support, except one e-mail advising all users to upgrade their Linux Kernels to patch against a critical vulnerability. My server never experienced any downtime or problems during these 2 months, so I never needed to contact support.

    My mistake

    Sadly, decided to cancel my VPS account for abuse because of a mistake I made. I rented this VPS to collaborate with some friends of mine on programming projects. (We're all doing computer science at the University of Florida.) Since our University has very strict policies against torrenting, we were doing some torrenting from the VPS with rtorrent (though this wasn't the primary purpose of our server). The torrents were of copyrighted material, and apparently discovered this today when they were moving my VPS to a new node because of some kind of hardware upgrade. (They had alerted me that this upgrade would take place and would cause a few minutes of downtime.)

    I received an e-mail this morning alerting me that they had noticed torrent files and torrent data for copyrighted material -- do they have some sort of tool that scans the filesystem? -- and that they had cancelled my account and shut down my VPS. They were very professional in their description of the violation, and I can't fault them for their actions because we did violate the ToS. Here is their notice:

    While ordering you have agreed with our Terms of Services, ToS. Our ToS says that you can't abuse the VPS for illegal activities according to the Dutch law. Unfortunately we have found torrent files on your server while transferring your files to an other VPS node like announced. Torrents are not illegal but the files that are being transferred to the server are illegal, including software like "Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus 64bit.ISO". And this is on several Linux accounts on the VPS, so we think that you knew that the VPS was used for torrent activities.

    Your VPS has been terminated due abuse of our Terms of Services.

    Please don't hestitate when there are any questions left.
    I asked if they could reinstate my account if I got rid of the offending material and told the users not to torrent copyrighted material anymore, but said it was not possible. I suppose they are being careful in making sure their network isn't responsible for any "abusive" activity, which is understandable.


    So, although my experience with has ended sadly, I think that they provide excellent service. Their prices are very reasonable, and their support team responds extremely quickly.

    I would recommend them to anyone.

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    Hello CvonKleist,
    thank you for you review! I've replied in the support ticket about how we detected the torrents, I'll also put it here.

    When I initiated the announced internal VPS migration I saw with the rsync command that it hang on transferring the .iso file to the other VPS node. After an investigation I had send you the notification to you. So there is no special application that does search for abuse (torrents can also be contain legal files for example). When abuse is reported (or found in this case accidentally) we investigate this.
    Regards, [NL] based hosting
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