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    Do you think this is possible...

    Hi all

    We are wanting to create a social networking website ( custom ) something similar to facebook but with more features ( which i wont go into now ).

    Do you think that £25000 would do it? ( or $39000 )

    Just need some realistic thoughts and if it would be do-able?
    We also have money set aside for the advertising, though just need some opinions on the website.


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    Starting up you won't need that money. A simple setup could be $10000 with your own servers co-located.

    Then from what you earn you'll be able to get more servers and grow.
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    We have the server money, we are just on about do you think we will have enough money for the website to be created?


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    Before investing the money in some developers, i would ask if there is a need for this
    new social network. FB was not built over month. How you are going to add more features when in its simplest form it will take over a year to create it. Not to mention that at that time
    technology will have shifted and enthusiasm will have been burned.
    Of course if the network is very niche and there is a need, adding the smallest set of features
    just to go public and get the work out, the budget is good; which again depends on the origins of the development group or person (country) and again you get what you pay for.
    My advise would be not to use any freelance sites and go with some reputable person that has very good referrals and can take this project to the end. If you can find someone around your location it will be a huge plus. So to wrap it up, I believe you can get away under $5K.
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    Hi Steve

    Thank you for your input. I do believe it will work with the features we have planned and do believe it will take time to have all the features added and get the website up and running.

    We are going with a company in our area as we dont want to do freelance as we dont think its a safe bet to get this project built by someone who is online.

    To be honest yes FB is the leader in social networking, but to me its simple and basic, yes simple is good to cover all age groups but there isnt alot of things to do and not very customize-able


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