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    Buying and selling excess cloud capacity marketplace


    An interesting concept or startup idea has surfaced. It's not innovative in the sense that the ol' natgas market in the US has devised a way to deal with excess capacity. I can see how this can benefit folks looking for cheaper cloud resources or at least have access to competitive cloud resource pricing. It also benefits providers that are undersold and keep their cloud network reasonably utilized.

    Check it out:

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    Interesting but dont know if the cost will be low enough. People have tried to do this in the BW market and never worked because you can always find lower cost bw then what was offered at the exchange.


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    I am with Jay to a certain extent, however, if they can actually keep their prices competitive I think its a really interesting business model. Thanks UNIXy for the post!

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    My concern would be that not all clouds are created equal. Trusting some of the cloud providers blindly with my clients wouldn't be a good idea as many "clouds" are just vps + marketing hype.

    Even the ones I would consider a true cloud may have substandard SAN's or other infrastructure components. Unlike bandwith, this is not commodity with standard SLA or well established industry standards. It's a great idea but I am not sure it's ready for a marketplace since most people don't even agree on what Cloud IS.
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    Gigenet cloud had been terrible, A company which is of high standards still was not able to run it stable , then how budget type providers could do that, Not sure how they are now but , We went to cloud just because it would be indestructible in terms of hardware failures and supposed to be having great uptime.

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    this market place should have some info on demands and supplies info

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    We have cloud at gigenetcloud & voxel. They are top notch. Gigenet might have problem in the past with their old SAN, but this problem has disappeared.

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