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Even when most hosts state a unmetered condition, they will always have the limit shown in the terms of service during the signing of the agreement. I would suggest you go with something more metered and structured to avoid the business ethics of the situation.
the rapidxen 2mbps 95% limit is only there to discourage people doing bittorrent and selling a gazillion VPNs on a $7/mo VPS where they make ridiculous profit and I don't.

as far as legitimate traffic goes, we generally do not care about bandwidth utilization - the 2mbps 95% sets off a warning resulting in us auditing your netflow statistics to see if you're doing torrents/vpn without paying a fair share for that privilege or something that is an outright TOS violation (spamming, etcetera).

there are quite a few customers doing far more than 2mbps 95% and i simply don't care because they're not running a seedbox or selling 9001 $5/mo VPNs, e.g. they are just honest people doing honest things.

i think generally speaking, most people understand my policy on this, so i must wonder what precisely you mean by "business ethics?"