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    Why dont you use their helpdesk?
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    Are you sure your payment/order was not flagged for fraud? BurstNET says around WHT that VPS's are provisioned instantly granted you pass all fraud checks & your account is within good standing.
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    WHT is NOT BurstNET support. Please login to and create a ticket.

    Thank You.

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    For the record (And so this doesn't turn into a BurstNET BAD thread):He has an unpaid invoice from June, and all his personal data was removed from his profile.

    Those two reasons have his order on hold.. and he was notified of it in an e-mail.

    We will not respond to this thread again.

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    6 days?...

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    csh778, WHT is not a method of support for BurstNET.
    BurstNET have sent you an email explaining why your order is on hold.

    If you want your order to be processed then it sounds like you need to:

    1) Re-add your personal details to your support profile
    2) Pay the overdue invoice

    Before BurstNET will even consider taking any further action.
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    It really is frustrating to see clients coming on WHT and using it as a helpdesk for their VPS services. As far as we can all see, Burst has done nothing wrong here, client has an unpaid invoice from a few months back, therefore a new service won't be provisioned automatically until the account is in good standing.

    OP: Why don't you pay the existing invoice and utilise that VPS?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BretW View Post
    It really is frustrating to see clients coming on WHT and using it as a helpdesk for their VPS services.
    Totally agree with this.
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    I think before coming here for complaining you should first contact them regarding your issues and try to get it sorted out. If they are of no help then you can come here to get their attention. I think you didn't contact them or didn't read their notification about your order before coming here.

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    not good to paste login IDs here or using WHT as helpdesk,
    what's the problem if one time a service was setup late, having one from burstnet responding to this thread can cost him 10x the service price.
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