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    Reliable Windows VPS Recommendation

    Dear Members

    Our company is new to VPS hosting. We would greatly appreciate your recommendations in finding a host that can cater for our needs.

    Our bare minimum requirements:
    1. Platform: Windows VPS Hosting.
    2. OS: Windows Server 2003 Enterprise 32-bit.
    3. RAM: 1GB.
    4. Disk Space: 10GB.
    5. Bandwidth: 100GB/month.
    6. SQL: Local install of SQL Server Express 2005 or Hosted SQL.
    7. Support for ASP.NET 2.0.
    8. 2 IP addresses, one for each domain.
    9. Plesk Control Panel, to manage our two domains.
    10. Plesk Language Pack: Traditional Chinese, along with English.
    11. Unlimited sub-domains per hosted domain.
    12. Unlimited email accounts per hosted domain.
    13. Live Support Online or Telephone Support 24/7/365.
    14. Time Zone: Either East Coast USA or Europe. In general terms: Up to GMT+7 hours or GMT-5 hours.
    15. Money-back guarantee, if the service does not meet our needs.

    Beneficial, but not essential requirement:
    16. A try-before-you-buy option. To test the service for a week, after which we will sign up.

    What we need to know:
    17. If we install SQL Server Express 2005, can it be linked to, and managed from Plesk?
    18. If that is not possible, how do we manage the SQL Server, create databases, etc?

    Please provide recommendations for:
    19. A fully managed host.
    20. An unmanaged host, whereby we can upgrade to managed at a later stage.

    We do not have a fixed budget, but we are looking for a reliable, integrous host, with guaranteed uptime and a good track record in the market place.

    Thank you very much.

    Kind regards

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    If you are going Windows with Plesk, you should find a host who virtualizes using Parallels Virtuozzo. You need the corresponding plesk license for unlimited domains, and MS SQL express 2005/2008.

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    Does anyone have any recommendations?

    Please note that the OS needs to be Windows Server 2003 Enterprise 32-bit. I am not able to choose a 64-bit provider.

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    A Windows VPS with Windows 2003 Enterprise, Plesk Control Panel, Plesk Language Pack and SQL Express would need almost 5 GB space, you will be left with only 5 GB free space. Is this much space sufficient ? Also, are you looking for a VPS in US or UK ? - WHUK :: Leader in Web Hosting since 2001
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    Dedicated Servers in UK by WHUK - Fully Managed UK dedicated servers with 24x7x365 Support.

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    Dear Josh

    If the provider can offer more space as we need it, then 5GB would suffice in the beginning.

    We would prefer a host in the UK, as the time difference is more suitable for us than choosing a host in the US.

    I now know that questions 17 and 18 are possible, so we need a host that can link Plesk to SQL Server Express 2005, so that the majority of all daily management can be done directly from Plesk.

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    Check out HostDime. They offer fully managed Windows VPS solutions at just $35/month.

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    Thank you for the help and suggestions.

    We have decided to go with EuroVPS after the high recommendations received in this forum.

    We are very happy with our decision.

    Here is the low down of our experience so far:
    1. Very capable and friendly support staff.
    2. Competitive pricing.
    3. Were able to meet our needs exactly, by offering us a solution that they had already discontinued but were able to commission to meet our needs.
    4. Fast website connectivity, certainly faster than the shared hosting we were using from the States.
    5. Close to our time zone (2 hours behind), so the pre-sales discussions were possible without any problems.

    I am really glad that this website exists. Trying to find an honest independent hosting review website seemed an impossible task. Google certainly gives results, but the resulting websites are filled with self-serving unverifiable drivel. If it wasn't for this website, we would not even know that companies like EuroVPS or HostDime exist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wickyd View Post
    4. Fast website connectivity, certainly faster than the shared hosting we were using from the States.
    Even when I'm physically in the USA, the connection to EuroVPS server tends to be faster than other servers on this same continent. As I constantly tell people, speed is not a simple matter of geography. Much of this has to do with the datacenter EuroVPS uses, in addition to their own quality hardware.

    This is one of several reasons I've been with them for 4+ years now.
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