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    Massive outgoing UDP traffic port 53

    During recent days I received a massive increase in outgoing UDP traffic port 53. My server connection is going very slow.

    How do we resolve the problem?
    Should we block outgoing UDP port 53 requests? What's the implication?

    Fyi this is cpanel server with external DNS server.

    Your advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you very much.

  2. You can try closing the 53 port. You can also try to optimize the software that is using that port.

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    First of all you need to find what is a source of traffic.
    Try something like
    netstat -a -n -p|grep :53
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    Someone is running a UDP flooding from your server looks like. You should try checking the netstat value and filter the active processes to understand who is doing this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jordan Jambazov View Post
    You can try closing the 53 port. You can also try to optimize the software that is using that port.
    Terrible advice. If you block or close port 53 then your DNS lookups will fail...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick View Post
    Terrible advice. If you block or close port 53 then your DNS lookups will fail...

    Well, yes and no.

    The real goal is to find out why there are so many outbound DNS queries.
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    In this case, the first thing to be done, is to check the netstat output and find the source for the connections through port 53.
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    seems like the advices are reverse troubleshooting

    why dont you find out first what's using that port. Traditionally port 53 UDP is DNS query. So you said you are using external DNS's but you may have enabled recursion on your system (BIND im assuming) and now people are using you as a free dns server. Try setting it to listen to or better yet disable BIND. A quick nestat -ap should show you which program is using that port.

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    bind has been disable since i am using external dns.
    it seems someone running a UDP flooding from my server.
    # lsof -i UDP:53
    httpd 15014 nobody 364u IPv4 10423569 UDP myhostname:57070->
    httpd 19780 nobody 364u IPv4 10423572 UDP myhostname:22285-> is Ip resolver.

    How to find out who is abusing my server?

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    Quote Originally Posted by plumsauce View Post
    Well, yes and no.
    lol there is no yes and no, it was bad advice.

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    ps auxwwww | grep 15014 or 19780 may be show you path to malicious script.

    PS. If you using external DNS blocking outgoing 53 port shall not break your DNS.
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    Use lsof:

    lsof -p PID
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    is this centos? freebsd got cool tool named 'sockstat' for this purpose

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    * My server is being used/raped as DNS server ...

    Hi !

    My server seems to be infected with some kind of trojan or script.

    The process called <unknown> (according to MS network monitor 3.4) ... sends out on UDP 53 every 5 seconds or so to random IPs, the descriptions being "DNS sc . jfrmt . net" and varations of the subdomain.

    Also my server is sending to my router on UDP 53 with www . 99woool . com as description

    Now, jfrmt . net is registered to a bogus name and only some weeks old ...

    1) is there a simple way / small software to block UDP 53 (something that coexists with Windows Firewall) ? I don't run any DNS service whatsoever.

    2) How to find the culprit? Process <unkonwn> does not ring any bells ...

    Thanks very very much!

    PS: Win XP SP3 & XAMPP - I know, I know, but that's just how it is and worked for 7+ years.
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