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    Cool Up to 5 Months FREE, 99.9% Up-time, INSTANT Activation, FREE Domain, SCALABLE

    Build your own custom package and pay just for what you want; no more, no less…
    Downgrade/upgrade options at any time, as needed!

    Shared Packages
    [Complete Details]
    Disk Space: 1-20 GB
    Bandwidth: 8-160 GB
    Parked Domains: 1-25
    Addon Domains: 1-25
    E-mail Accounts: 1-2381

    If you require a value outside of the ranges above, do not hesitate to contact our sales department with your specific requirements and we will more-than-likely adjust the configurable options to meet your needs. With that said, if you require a lot of resources, we may need to recommend a VDS/VPS or dedicated server to you as we cannot allot an entire shared server to one account.
    • Host-70
      • 70% Off First Month (Monthly Cycle)
    • Host-1
      • 1 Month Free (Quarterly Cycle)
    • Host-2
      • 2 Months Free (Semi-Annual Cycle)
    • Host-3
      • 3 Months Free (Annual Cycle)
    • Host-4
      • 4 Months Free (Biennial Cycle)
    • Host-5
      • 5 Months Free (Triennial Cycle)
    Our shared packages start as low as $1.65(USD) per month. Visit our Web site for full details.
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    Authorized Reseller Program

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