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    Who offers own IP?


    I need a plan that offers my own IP number for my website. Most of the budget plans don't do. Softcomca was doing that for $10/month, which is really good, but I need different hostings. like places don't allow you to search for this feature. Other features are not that important but the IP address. Can you list me some plans as far as you remember?


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    If you post this in the web hosting requests forums companies can make offers that suit your needs That way you can find exactly what you want!

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    Is there a specific reason you need your own IP? Most hosts should also provide this as an add-on option.

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    Most of the time, having your IP address isn't a real necessity. Unless if you require your own SSL Certificate, provide anonymous FTP or running your own DNS servers. Beyond that, there is no advantage to having or not having your own domain name address. Oh yes, unless you do not have a domain name and would like use IP address instead.

    Even on my dedicated server, I share IP addresses across several of my sites except for the SSL-based site and DNS servers. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    look into the unix packages (IP adds free of cost)
    window Packages (IP adds additional $2/month)

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    they have their own block of IPs.
    intellec get what you pay for and you pay for what you get....

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    I offer everyone one free dedicated ip with my hosting..but i only give hosting to frineds for like 5 bucks lol...sorry....if i ever open to the entire world ill help you out lol ... sorry again....

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