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    Windows VPS Recommendation


    I'm looking for a cheap Windows VPS that has at least the ff:

    - 20GB HDD
    - 100GB BW
    - 10 / 100 100 Mbit/s port
    - 1 IP
    - 512mb RAM
    - Full Access (I need to install some apps)
    - OS (Windows 2008 Server)

    Basically i need it for downloading, watermarking, uploading videos. After I uploaded the video, i will delete it. I will not store anything on the VPS.

    My budget is around $25 / month but it's flexible.

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    For $25 the best I have seen is about 384MB with a 10GB HDD, your probably looking more at the $35-40 range, I'll check some bargain hosts for you and write back.
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    Will you be using some sort of video editing software for watermarking videos? I have found that most of the video editing software have large amount of resource requirement and you will probably need to look for some higher end resources as 512 Mb RAM might not be enough for this. Also, do you have any preference for virtualization technology? If you are looking for dedicated RAM, I'll recommend you to consider Hyper-V based VPS.
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    @BCVH - thanks i will try to wait for more bargains that you can see

    @Softsys Hosting - About the video editing software, the software requires a minimum of 256mb ram. And i'm not really sure what virtualization is the best for me since this will be my first time to get a VPS.

    I also would like to stick on my budget first because as I had said i'm just trying to grasp things.

    Thank you for the reply. Hoping to see more recommendations

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    Are you primarily looking for a managed or an unmanaged server?

    You might be able to find something like that on an unmanaged solution... I think that's going to be a bit close for a managed provider given the costs though. Although, without a control panel, might be doable.

    I'd suggest looking around the offers forums. Lots of easy to find stuff there

    Good luck

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    Yes, i prefer unmanaged because it is cheaper but the company must reply to my tickets to help me start things.


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    Almost what your asking for, but they have larger plans.

    512MB RAM, 512MB Swap
    15GB Disk Space
    1TB Transfer
    1 IP
    Windows 2008


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    Just as a suggestion --

    You might consider trying to contact a company's support dept. before you talk presales with the company. Even if it is unmanaged, do some research on the company here and around the 'net.

    I tend to do this when i'm looking for a prospective provider, and let me say, it definitely helps in avoiding getting burned. I usually disguise it as something a realistic support query might be.

    That way, you can get a feel for what their support is like -- not just their support reply times.

    It might seem a little underhanded to do, so it's definitely your prerogative, especially since it might take a few minutes away from a legit support request for that company. So, it's really a matter of choice -- but in my opinion, it's somewhat justified since a good company will want to take care of their customers -- even if they're not their customers yet. It's an interesting conundrum to think about

    Again, good luck
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    I will try to look at ThrustVPS but more recommendation are more than welcome


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