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    Does multiple domains mean multiple web sites?


    Many shared hosting companies have UNLIMITED DOMAIN support.

    Does it mean that I can host multiple web sites in one account?
    I mean multiple sites with different content.

    Thanks in advance

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    That is correct. When you have an "UNLIMITED" domain plan, typically you can create as many domains/sites as your account will hold. Typically you are only limited by space and your transfer allotment.
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    Yes , Unlimted domains means unlimited website
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    It means unlimited websites but the size of the websites must not go beyond your allocated space.

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    Addon Domains = Multiple Domains = Multiple Website

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    The word "unlimited" is false advertising. Any account is limited by the size of the storage or number of accounts that the provider's system can hold.
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    It's worth noting that the only disadvantage to 'add-on domains' is that they are all managed on 1 control panel. Apart from that purchasing an account with add-on domains is a fantastic way to save money if you have multiple websites.

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    Yes you can have as many domains you want in one cpanel or other control panel it helps a lot if you have multiple domains
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    Keep in mind that no shared hosting plan is completely unlimited. The number of websites, the disk space and the bandwidth may be unlimited, but some limitations still apply. Read the terms of service of the hosting company. They should include a section called "resource usage" or something similar. This will tell you what limitations apply. That said, many websites with an average traffic level will never reach these limits, but you better check before you sign.


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    Quote Originally Posted by zomex View Post

    It's worth noting that the only disadvantage to 'add-on domains' is that they are all managed on 1 control panel. Apart from that purchasing an account with add-on domains is a fantastic way to save money if you have multiple websites.

    Don't let this confuse you though.. only the DOMAINS themselves are managed in one control panel if they're add-on domains. However, add-on domains still get their own CPANEL for website management

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    You can have as many domain names on that one account, but if I were you I wouldn't go for those unlimited plans.

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    Thank you for helpful replies.

    Second question: How do we match the domains to different contents?
    As I now, the domain you bought automatically directs to the root of your hosting e.g. public_html.
    In the case of multiple web hosting, I guess, I need to create different folders for each web site. But how shall I match the domain to one of inner folder?

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    Your control panel will allow you to point to the "root" when creating an add-on domain. If you are currently hosting with someone, providing the control panel brand you are using will result is much more useful answers.
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    From what I am aware to what you are asking,

    If you add multiple domains under your "default" domain, then a new "folder" is created within your "public_html" folder which will be your new add-on.

    Sof your domain was '', you then added '' as an addon, this domain would show in your "public_html" path and you can access it by it's main address.

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    For cPanel Linux servers when you say additional domains, it means you can add add-on domains via your cPanel. But in fact, your add-on domains' files/folders will be physically under your main domain public_html folder. So we may say that if you are offered unlimited domains then you can create unlimited web sites by creating add-on domains for each via your cPanel.
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