As the end of this year is coming in sight it becomes clear we are not going to meet this years target which was based on sales in 2001.

We don't like that so for once we're going to throw all our believes overboard and do all the things we said we'ld never do.

Starting at 9 AM EST today until 6 PM EST december 31st you will have a one time opportunity to set up a hosting account with us at discounted prices.

Package 1: Light version of our standard package.
25 MB diskspace
1 GB datatransfer
All the features of the standard plan with the exception of MySql and subdomains
$ 20 per year

Package 2: our standard plan normally priced at $ 4.99 / month. For once we're going to accept yearly payment for it.
$ 45 per year

Package 3: Mini reseller/multi-domain plan
Ideal if you own multiple domain names. Create 3 standard plan accounts under your own reseller account. $ 7.99 per month.

Package 4: Mini reseller/multi-domain plan extra
Our multi-domain plan normally priced at $ 14.99 / month now for
$ 9.97 / month Includes 10 GB transfer/350 MB diskspace.

Package 5: Single domain extra large
500 MB diskspace / 20 GB datatransfer $ 9.98 per month! Includes all the features of the standard plus account.

Package 6: Single domain huge
1 GB diskspace / 60 GB transfer $ 30 per month.

Package 7: Fileserver
Need Large amounts of datatransfer? For fileserving only we supply bandwidth at $ 0.49 per GB used based on actual usage. Minimum of 50 GB per month required.

All accounts are hosted on cpanel servers with low loads and exceptional uptime. We provide a 30 day money back guarantee. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

All accounts inlude at least these features:

All accounts also include at least these features:
(with the exception of package one which does not inlcude mysql or subdomains)

Autoresponders, Custom error pages, PHP 4.2.0,
Mailing Lists, Pw protect directories, PhpMyAdmin 2.3.2,
Mail Forwarders, FTP Manager, Perl 5.006001,
Mail Blockers, File Manager, Mysql 3.23.54,
Spam Assassin, Hotlink protection,
Webmail Cron Jobs, Pre-installed CGI scripts,
Mime Types, Frontpage extensions, Chatroom,
SSI, phpBB Forum, Error logs, Redirects, Shoppingcart,
Raw access logs, Download backup, Guestbook,
Webalizer, Traceroute, Counter,
Analog, Search engine submit, Countdown,
Latest Visitors, Entropy Search.

For information about what our normal plans include please see

To sign up for one of these packages a special page has been created. (don't forget the "s" in https. The form will only work on a secure connection)

We regret that for these special packages we can only accept creditcards and paypal as method of payment.

If you have any questions regarding our services, these offers, installed perl modules or other features please contact us at [email protected]