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    i have two desktops. and three laptops. All of my laptops have different size. From 17", 14", and the last 11"
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    Jan 2012
    I got 3 desktops and one laptop at home.

    But I prefer to use my laptop anyway.

    All of my computers have different operating system . Coz I like to try something new.
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    A desktop with Windows XP
    A laptop with Windows 7
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    Oct 2002
    Vancouver, B.C.
    Only including personal use machines at home:

    FreeBSD Desktop
    Windows 7 Desktop (for gaming, rarely ever used)
    Windows 7 Laptop (mostly as a dumb client)
    Linux Mint HTPC
    OpenBSD on UltraSparc 5 (router)
    Solaris on UltraSparc 5
    IRIX on SGI Indigo 2
    HP-UX on HP Visualize C180
    Tru64 on DEC PWS AU500

    Have a pile of servers for work obviously: retired machines, test/development machines, and inventory awaiting deployment
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    Sep 2007
    Albuquerque, NM
    I have 1 Laptop, 1 Deskop and one Media Computer attached to a 47" LCD.
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    Hosting: & My Design Blog: Anthony
    We provide low cost standard & custom shared hosting solutions.
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    Dec 2009
    Desktop with Windows 7
    Laptop with XP
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    Jan 2012
    well, 2 desktops, and three laptops. needless to say, no one uses the desktops anymore though fully functional
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    I now have my desktop, w7 and ubuntu, as well as my new asus lap top(couldn't be any more amazing). black Friday deals.... to good to be true.
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    3 laptops that slighly work running xp
    2 computers that run sluggishly with xp
    1 computer that rules them all with windows 7 and xp in dual boot setup

    The xp systems above are just very old but refuse to die on me.
    They run the interwebz great and thats enough to please the people using them.
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    1 PC, 2 laptops and 1 netbook:

    All Windows OS =)
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    Dec 2011
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    4 computers
    2 laptops
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    3 laptops all windows
    one desktop
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    I have currently 3 desktops and a laptop, all running xp pro.
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    I've 7 desktop running windows 7 64 bit & 3 laptops.
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