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    How to start the DDOS

    I am just facing a series the DDOS attack. But actually how they perform the DDOS

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    Basically, the person performing the DDOS attack is sending a huge number of bots to the person's server/site in order to use up all the free available resources and return errors when real people visit the website. So in a sense the whole idea is to overload the server.

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    is there any trojan or virus involve?

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    By taking the advantages of low security and vulnerabilities the attackers can mitigate the attack due to different intentions. Also can take over the full control of your machine having intention to destroyed your data.
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    simply botnet is an irc client holds many features ( scan , download , ddos , ftp server , sniffer , ... etc)
    when we say its an irc client this doesn't mean its normal client like ( mIRC , xchat )
    its hidden irc client that work in background
    the reason for connecting simply is to control the botnets actions
    for sure its a considered as a virus .
    answering your question : when you have a big number of infected computers ( botnets)
    simply you can order a big number of computers ( 50 or 100 k) to start packeting the target (website/server) and this what we can call a ddos

    i forget to say its illegal to collect bots ... doing this you maybe arrested
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    Scan you server using clamav and install apf+ ddos deflate.

    Check the /tmp for any malicious files like .txt or pl
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    That's to ensure you're not being used for DDoS attacks, but not pto revent from getting DDoS attacked. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do at the server alone to prevent DDoS attack.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hillockhosting View Post
    Scan you server using clamav and install apf+ ddos deflate.

    Check the /tmp for any malicious files like .txt or pl
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