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    windows server 2003/2008 WEB edition

    I'm looking to purchase a windows server where I can run programs such as : homesite /cuteftp/ firefox/ any of the programs / setup a FTP server/ I run on my desktop.

    Is it possible on the windows server 2003/2008 **web edition**

    *web edtion* not the standard, mainly asking because there is a $10-15 monthly discount.

    2. Anybody help me out with a test login I can test out the functionaality? Thanks!

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    You can use the Web editions of Windows 2003/2008 for all those things... the difference between the versions is just regarding number of physical processors allowed, maximum memory, ability to install Microsoft SQL software and so on.

    You can install php, apache, iis and whatever software you want to use just fine, and you can use Remote Desktop Connection like you would use on any other pc.

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    Server 2003 web edition is limited. You want to look for Windows Server 2008 R2 web edition.

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    I don't know what you mean by limited but I did have a dedicated server with 2003 Web edition and I could use it just fine.

    I had Filezilla ftp server installed, apache, php, mysql, some newsgroup software, even used it to seed some legal content on a torrent tracker.

    If I remember correctly, Windows 2003 Web edition is limited to 2 GB of memory and one processor. In addition, you can't install Microsoft SQL server but I didn't care anyway.

    For your needs, 2008 is not needed, i mean it wouldn't make any difference however, some companies only offer 2008 Web nowadays.

    cwebcweb, I'd suggest trying out one of Leaseweb's ultra green servers - the servers in this series come with Windows free (well, the Web edition):

    Just wait a day or so and check once in a while to see what other dedicated serves pop up there, right now there's only two, relatively weak performance-wise.
    This way you won't feel sorry about spending money on Windows, as it would be free anyway.

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