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    I am looking for information on . Any one that has had good or bad results. They offer a free domain name if you signup for at least one year. I would like to know of any good or bad experiences with them

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    I have not read much about the company so I do not have any information whether they are a good or bad web host. In general, I would suggest you do the following:

    1. E-mail their support staff and see how long it takes them to respond.

    While this cannot guarantee that they will always respond quickly it is a good way to get an idea who you are dealing with. The average response time should not be more than 6 hours (when submitted during a business day).

    2. Explore their web site.

    Do you find that there layout and design is well organized and helpful? The presence of a professional looking and easy to navigate web site cannot guarantee that the company is a good hosting firm. However, good organization and design in the site can show general characteristic traits of the maintainers that reflect on how they handle the servers.

    3. Try to find some people who already host with the company and e-mail them about their experiences.

    This test is not perfect and can often work against new hosts.

    I remember when my company was new in the market and we struggled to get clients since so many people insisted on references. Just as it is true that it takes money to get more money, it also takes clients to gain new clients.

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    Thank you for your response. I will try your suggestion to email the tech support and see their response time. I have been to there site and it is well layed out and easy to navigate. I posted here in hopes that someone who has had dealings witht them could let me know their opinion. Do you know of anyway to find out what sites are hosted with them besides asking them? I would like to find out independantly of them to get a more balanced opinion. Again thank you for your response.

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    It looks like they have pretty reasonable prices, all things considered. What concerns me is their spamming of newsgroups (see the Usenet posting summary for 3/29/00, for instance, when had a BI of 22.59. Another thing that concerns me is that they make the very same claims as lots of others (" is a worldwide leader in..."). You might want to do a search at Deja to see about the first issue.

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