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    Hosting and dedicated server in uk

    Dear one and all,

    I am currently working as experience job, means not for salary.
    Now i am trying to establish a small business in uk, where i want to do web hosting, voip, and server hosting business. I wanted to know the legal action, and obligation what are the aspects that i need to look after.

    Any help appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Could you please provide more information what you mean exactly by legal actions.

    Each hosting provider has its own Terms of Service that you can find directly on their website and it will tell you what is allowed and what is not allowed to be hosted on their server.

    As long as you are not trying to host any illegal content, you should be fine with any provider.
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    hosting company

    Sorry may be i was not clear,

    i am currently doing, server hosting, web hosting, and voip business but that is with partner in usa, now i am eligible to do business in uk so i want to do it in my own name,

    I want to lunch a business (server hosting, web hosting and voip) but all as a middleman but in my own name and wanted to know basic things where i could understand yes i can do this do that.

    what are the things that i need to be sure about. Like most of the voip countries are legal but there are few illegal however i will be buying from legal company do i need to worry on that occasion. E.g. Bangladesh, Nepal, Middle east are illegal but there are few clients with me i know that will be illegal for them but being in uk and working with American company as exclusive partner do i have to worry. "indeed i know in the end that is illegal, orange network provides Grey line for those countries which is illegal in far end but they are legal in here". so i am bit confuses.

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    In terms of company structure then in the UK I would strongly recommend you form a limited company, as this means that if your company is taken to court then only the company is liable and not you personally. If your turnover is over 70k per year then you will need to register for VAT and charge VAT to your customers, although you can do this voluntarily with any turnover.

    You really need a business plan before you start any business, for your own benefit more than anyone else's. How are you going to grow the business? How will it get customers? What will you charge them? Who are your competitors and why are you better than them? Do you have a unique selling point? Does your business need finance to get started?

    Also you should consider that most new businesses make a loss in the first year. Do you have funds to deal with that?

    Hope that helps.


    P.S. you might want to ask the mods to move this thread to "Running a Web Hosting Business".
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    I guess there is a chamber of commerce around where you live or a kind of SBA. I recommend you check with them. They might be able to give you more info and you will be sure you are on the right path.
    Good Luck!

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