I am Matt, Director of ReliableStyle Design Services. I come here today with a mind blowingoppurtunity to take advantage of!

The design market is getting harder and harder to brake into and without a good strong portfolio we understand we really stand next to no chance of joining it.

So what are we doing about that?

Well, we devised the perfect solution! ReliableStyle will design and code your very own ecommerce system. Using the latest tools and facilities you are gauranteed a beautiful website that is fully functional and simple to use, both for you and your client!

What is the catch?

Although there being a slight catch we feel this is still a fantastic oppurtunity for a young business person like yourself!

We require 15% of your companies turnover paid into our bank account each month. Contracts will be written by us and signed by you to ensure both parties a safety net.

I will be taking on two projects a month for the next two months, so basically, we have enough space for just four new clients.

Interest? Please email me personally at [email protected]