Check out our Fully Managed Servers, now on a Further Reduced Price! and still with Free 120GB Remote Backup. Hurry! This is on a limited Time Only. Offer is good while supply lasts!

Atom 330 Sale

Atom 330 1.6Ghz DUAL-Core
1GB DDR2 Memory
250 GB SATA Hard Drive
2000 GB BW
Free 120GB Remote Backup

$49 / mo. NO SETUP FEE
Promo Code : WCUAtom330

Core 2 Duo Dual Core Sale

Core 2 Duo E8200 2.66Ghz DUAL-Core
8GB DDR2 Memory
2 x 1TB HDD
Free 120GB Remote Backup

$129/mo NO SETUP FEE
Promo Code : WCU8200B

Dual Xeon E5520 Sale

Dual Xeon E5520 Quad-Core HT Enabled 8 x 2.26GHz (16 Virtual Cores)
16GB DDR3 Memory
2 x 1TB HDD
5000 GB Bandwidth on 100mbit port
FREE Windows 2008 or 2003 Standard

$309/mo NO SETUP FEE
Promo Code : WCDXE5520

Note : Prices above are all for UnManaged Servers, to add Management, you have two options below:

Management Options:

Full Server Management & Monitoring = $30 / mo.
Monitoring Only = $10

Control Panel Options:

Cpanel = $30
Cpanel w/ Fantastico = $35
Direct Admin = $20

To order these servers, please go to http://www.webbycart.com/order_specials.htm or to check all other server packages check http://www.webbycart.com/servers.htm

All Servers comes with:

+ 2000GB Bandwidth
+ 10 MBIT Port ($10/mo upgrade to 100mbit port)
+ 1 usable IP space
+ Intel NICs (Perfect for VPS kernels that have issues with Realtek)
+ KVM over IP available for FREE on request for 24 hours
+ Setup within 24-48 hours

Our Fully Managed Servers includes our Server Management Service ($35 Value). Here are the Benefits of being Fully Managed @ WebbyCart.com:

  • 24 / 7 Monitoring with Reboot
    5 mins. interval and will reboot or email/send reboot request to your Data Center
    Monitored Services : Uptime/Ping, Apache, MySQL, Load, POP3, SMTP, Disk Usage, Swap Usage, Current Users & Total Processes.
  • Within 3 Hours Response Time
    In average, our current Response Time is within 30 mins.
  • Within 24 Hours Resolution Time
    In average, our current Resolution Time is within 1 hour.
  • Unlimited Support Tickets & Live Chat Support
    Submit unlimited number of tickets and access to Live Support at no any additional fees!
  • Initial Server Setup
    We will setup and secure your new server and it will be ready in just little time.
  • Server Hardening
    Security Hardening which consists of installation and setup of CSF/APF Firewall, Hardening of the Control Panel and /tmp & /var/tmp directories, Securing services such as Exim, FTP, DNS, PHP, MySQL, SSH, Host.conf, sysctl.conf, Upload/Download Programs (wget, fetch, scp), etc. Installation of Mod_Security, Mod_Deflate, suPHP, DDos_Deflate, Rkhunter, ChkrootKit, SIM, SPRI, PRM, LSM, Stop Unused Services and more!.
  • Server Optimization
    Custom Optimization of Basic Services to meet the appropriate Hardware. We optimized Apache, MySQL, and PHP as standard.
  • Server Migration
    Migrate your files, database, accounts, with or without control panel.
  • Server Software & Control Panel Upgrades
    Upgrading Kernel, Apache, PHP, MySQL, FTP, SSL, Perl, Exim, Cpanel, etc
  • Server Software Addon Installation
    Installation of FFMPEG (with all it's needed modules), Zend Optmizer, Ioncube, Eaccelerator, Ruby on Rails, GD, Mbstring, Curl, SSL, etc.
  • Control Panel Problems
    Fixing of Control Panel Errors, Incompatibilities, bugs, updates, etc.
  • Backup Restoration
    Restoring of backup and making you online again at no time at all.
  • DDOS Protection & Mitigation
    Protect you from DDOS Attack and will try to mitigate and stop the attack.
  • Disaster Recovery
    Helps find the cause of the Disaster, Recover and rebuild from your backup.
  • Affordable & Flat Fee
    Flat Fee of $35 / month and can cancel anytime.
  • Works Guaranteed
    All works are guaranteed.

For more info or to sign up, please go to http://www.webbycart.com/management.htm

We Accept Paypal and Major Credit Cards.

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