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    Hello :)

    Hi everyone!

    So I have been running a hosted server for my own individual hobbies (not work related) since about 2006. I started out with a VPS from, but I soon grew out of the limitations of that, and picked up a medium-sized server on the Texas company LayeredTech's servers. For a long time, I was under the impression that, because I am a US citizen, I need to run my server in the U.S. How wrong I was.

    In '09 I moved to in Germany. Best choice I ever made in the server business. I'm currently a loyal Hetzner customer, but I'm in the middle of a transition from one Hetzner server to another, to take advantage of Hetzner's offering of a Hardware RAID card.

    I have seen posts at WHT come up very high in the google rankings for years. The website design makes it look at first like this is just your ordinary web forum, of which there are thousands. But it seems that this site has been gaining popularity and prominence lately. Providers themselves come and talk to users here on the forum. Big fish running many servers offer sage advice to small-time guys like me.

    I am very impressed with the spirit of cooperation and the way that the search for the best price:features ratio is constantly being explored here in a friendly manner. I hope to now offer my own advice from time to time, after spending years reading WHT posts that really answered my question well.

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    A couple points of interest are the forum guidelines and this answer guide.

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