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    Thumbs up Rack911 Review - Awesome Service!

    I've been working with Steven @ Rack911 for over three years, on and off with various projects.

    Steven has been nothing but awesome and easy to contact at even the most oddest of times - sometimes I think he never sleeps He's helped work through issues of various difficulty such as offloading of our managed support queue at times and also fixing 16+ disk RAID10 failures.

    Steven offered to fly in from the US over to Frankfurt, Germany to assist us with a datacenter move.

    Working with Steven has indeed been a priviledge and I surely haven't met anyone as professional and knowledegable as him. His skill and attitude have helped us increase our business potential to new and higher standard. He has also went far beyond the call of duty and represented our business interests at many times without expecting any serious financial gain in return.

    I can't recommend Rack911 and Steven highly enough and I am confident that he will continue providing the same level of service for the foreseeable future.

    Thanks Steven!
    Ekin Ersoy
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    OK I give.. steven is pretty awesome
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    We've been working with him now for 20 months, and he continues to work magic for us.

    I've heard stories about people downgrading to other server admins to save a few bucks, and it astonishes me. Of all the places to save a buck, you're going to do it on your top-level server admin? That's like finding out your need a triple bypass and shop around for a surgeon who uses cheaper life support equipment so you can pay a few hundred bucks less.

    Servers are a host's lifeblood - you don't compromise on the quality of your optimization (which is a constant process if you want best performance) or the accuracy and speed of the response you receive.

    We put a new server online - Rack911 manages it. End of story.
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    Glad to read the review.
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    Thanks guys
    Steven Ciaburri | Proactive Linux Server Management -
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    Thanks for the wonderful review, Keep it up!
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    Once again, Great work Steve keep it up.

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    I can also recommend steve. Prompt and professional. Do not hesitate to use this guy. Do not trust your server to just anyone, you need someone who is reputable and has credentials you can actually check. I felt safe using steve due to his positive presence in this fine community.

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