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    I'm trying to decide which bulletin board to go with. I like the many features of vBulletin but also like the relatively low pricing of DCForum.

    Can anybody offer a comparison of the two? I'd especially be interested in hearing a comparison based on the installation, configuration and control panel of the two boards.

    Also, I am somewhat proficient with computers, especially networking, but have no experience with Perl or PHP/MySQL. Whichever board I choose, should I pay the software company to install it for me? If I don't and attempt to install it myself, but then can't do so, will it be a big hassle to go back to the company several days after purchase and then pay to have them install it?


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    The installation of vBulletin is exceedingly simple. All you really need is to upload the necessary files, edit one for your MySQL username/password/DB name, and then run the install script from your browser. It walks you through the rest.

    I have not installed DCForum, but I've seen it in action, and I'm not amazingly impressed. It has it's place, but I don't know if anyone will doubt that vB is the best available.

    Now, if price is an issue, I can't offer much advice, as I don't know all about your situation.
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