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    This is silly. I get a Clear Wire modem from the place at the mall. The guy tells me we are right on the edge of service, so is unsure if it will work or not. So I ask him about returning it if it doesnt work. He says it's easy, I cant return it to the place I got it, but can call a number of theirs. They will cancel it and send me a return shipping label. Doesnt tell me about any fees.

    Something like two days later, I call. The guy says he cant cancel this order, something about where I got it from. I didnt delve into that because cell signal is spotty here. He tells me I can find someone else who would like the service and I can do a change of responsibility. So I say fine, maybe I can do that. Being busy, I dont call back within the 14 days. I get a call from them today. I state I cant use the service, how I got the modem, and what I was told when I called.

    The lady claims I am breaking a two year agreement and that I would owe $50 plus a $46 restocking fee. Well I had already called, they could see I couldnt use the service. So they agree to waive the $50 but at time of restocking I will owe $46. Sounds kinda ripoff to me.

    On the other hand, being what I do for a living, I know I should have actually READ the agreement and I didnt. So I guess I'm kinda stuck, even though I "did" try to cancel within the 14 day period and they had that on record as well, although I actually thought is was 30 days. It seems that as such, they wouldnt charge me anything.

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    I am posting from it now and have 3g backup that is very solid, but the 4g service is pretty spotty in thunderstorms it goes out frequently.

    The hotspot 4g/3g fallback (sierra wireless) is also a bit weak on the antenna. All in all it is a good backup device but not primary net connection like i am using it for at the moment.

    At the moment I am downloading an update at over 430KB/s not bad for a wireless connection

    My biggest issues seem to be in the hotspot itself, it loses the gateway and needs a reboot every 24 hours, and sometimes just stops the signal in the middle of the day, each time I saw this before it was really warm so I put a fan on it and it is better. However to get good signal on 4g I have to put it in the window to the west, when the 3pm heat starts beaming down i start having net access issues.

    Overall I am pleased and once I have my primary net access in place it will go to being backup and work quite well as it won't be on continually.
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    I've heard so many people say near the same thing WebDude. It's a shame.
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