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    GoDaddy Email Account and not working

    Hey bros,

    i have a problem i bought email plan on godaddy yesterday..

    But today still does not working theirs outgoing mail server for me.. ( I tried sending email from my main email address on godaddy ([email protected]) to other address ([email protected]) and work it. But if i want send any email from other email address for ex. from (gmail) to my ([email protected]) so always the system wrote "Delivery Status Notification (Failure)" ...

    also i tried this
    and gmail wrote 501..( screen:

    username and password is good to 100%.
    what have i do? very thanks.

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    That is bizarre, have you tried contacting GoDaddy yet?
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    I actually had a similar problem a while ago. I contacted godaddy and they straightened it out.

    So just shoot them a ticket or call

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewFound View Post
    I actually had a similar problem a while ago. I contacted godaddy and they straightened it out.

    So just shoot them a ticket or call
    If you send them a ticket you will get answer after +24h (i was with them for 1 year.. and had like 10 tickets.. never got answer before 24h)so you better call if you can.

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    Uhh not many people are using GoDaddy's services now. Their servers are extremely slow... Well i'm not sure about your smtp issue, contact the support department.

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    Yea thanks guys i given echo to godaddy and now is all working. If have anyone the same problem so just check this article.

       1. Log in to your Account Manager.
           If you need the login information for your account, please use the Account Retrieval System.
       2. In the My Products section, click Email.
       3. On the Manage Email page, click Manage Account next to the account you want to change. The Email Control Center displays.
       4. Go to the Domains tab.
       5. Select the email account you want to verify MX records for, and then click Server Addresses.
       6. (Optional) if your settings are incorrect, click Update my MX records for me to automatically update your MX records. If your settings are correct, click OK.
    If you updated your MX records, please allow up to 48 hours for the new settings to be available throughout the internet. This period is referred to as the propagation period.

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