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    In search for a reseller hosting

    Hi can someone recommend me a reseller hosting that meets my requirements.

    - 5 GB of diskspace
    - 40 GB of bandwidth

    My budget is about $5-6/monthly.


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    Which control panel are you looking to use?
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    Any specific location in mind, US?

    In the meantime, you may consider looking at the reseller offers section for great deals on reseller hosting.
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    try Host Gator for linux reseller hosting.
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    reseller offer section is the best place to look for,
    but why do you want reseller hosting for only 5gb disk space
    anyway good luck finding your host
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    good that you know what you need unlike many
    search and research well before choosing the host or try for a month first.

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    With that kind of budget your best bet would be to look at the offers or try Resellerzoom they have budget packages but they use cPanel.

    Best of luck

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    For that budget and specifications, you will probably need to contact hosting providers that you are interested in and ask them if they can put together a custom plan for you - Hosting websites since 1999!
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    You can purchase a shared hosting only for this price. If you are looking for a reliable hosting solution when you must increase your budget to about $20/month. If you can do it when I recommend Surpasshosting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by harrykam View Post
    - 5 GB of diskspace
    - 40 GB of bandwidth
    My budget is about $5-6/monthly.
    Your budget is low for reseller hosting.
    You may need to signup yearly or with some serious discount to get a reseller package at the price range. Hyper-V SSD VPS USA London Singapore
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    Hello there,
    I'm sure You can find something...
    But reseller hostings for that budget are not serious
    and I'm sure at the end You will be disapointed...
    So, increase Your budget or forget it.

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    I can recommend DMEHosting but you would have to up your budget a dollar or two/month. They have been great for me the past few months, they are due for a review and I should give them one!

    Also, I can recommend I used them a long time ago and I am almost positive that you can get a solid reseller account with almost identical specs for $7.99/month

    Good luck in your search. Both of the hosts that I have recommended are in the U.S. but they are also both reputable and have been in the industry for quite some time now!

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    Low budget hosting generally fetches you low quality hosting. But, there are some execptions. Try offers section.
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    Presto (Sorry if i spelled it wrong) Has two budget reseller plans for 2 and 4 USD's You may want to go check them out.
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    Yes, Prestonhosting has even got a Master Reseller Plan that will fit that budget.

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