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    Transferring domain name without losing privacy protection?

    I want to transfer a domain name from GoDaddy with private registration with Domains by Proxy to a new registrar (also with privacy protection service). Do you know if there is any way to keep the privacy protection in the hole process?

    Thank you

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    I don't know if GoDaddy has changed things, but I never got any domain authorization emails being sent to the Private WhoIS Email. You'll most likely have to disable WhoIs Privacy to receive the authorization email from the winning Registar. Best of Luck!

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    No, it is not possible with GoDaddy.
    You will be forced to cancel the privacy protection before the domain can be transferred out.
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    Looks like it is possible with an authorization letter prepared by DomainsByProxy:

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    I just transfered a domain from NameCheap to NetEarthOne with privacy protection enabled at both ends. ($13.04 w/privacy vs $8.37 at NEO)

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    I suppose that is possible. But the current problem is: domain name registrars using diffrent privacy protection tools. As someone have suggested already - talk to both of them to find out the solution. Good luck

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