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    VMWare Data Recovery 1.2 issues with vSphere 4.1


    I have updated my vCenter to 4.1 and my ESXi hosts to the latest 4.1 version.

    I am also running the latest version of VMWare Data Recovery, that is the 1.2.

    My issue is that the Data Recovery is having hard times to backup the VMs.

    7/20/2010 8:33:26 PM: Normal backup using Lapa Backup
    7/20/2010 8:33:31 PM: Copying 11753 - srv01.david-allonby
    7/20/2010 8:34:08 PM: Performing incremental back up of disk "[LUN6-MD3000i] 11753 - srv01.david-allonby/11753 - srv01.david-allonby-flat.vmdk" using "Network"
    7/20/2010 8:53:22 PM: Trouble reading files, error -3956 ( operation failed)
    7/20/2010 8:53:31 PM: Task incomplete
    7/20/2010 8:53:31 PM: Remaining: 5 files, 40.1 GB
    7/20/2010 8:53:31 PM: Completed: 0 files, zero KB
    7/20/2010 8:53:31 PM: Performance: 0.0 MB/minute
    7/20/2010 8:53:31 PM: Duration: 00:20:07 (00:00:38 idle/loading/preparing)

    Anyone have any ideas ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by maxihost View Post
    Anyone have any ideas ?
    Though I don't see an answer specifically related to your scenario I'd consult the VMware Knowledge Base and/or the VMware user community.

    Fastest solution may ultimately be to open a support ticket up with VMware as I don't think you're going to find too many hosts here who are using VMware or at least in the combination of tools you are using to maintain your VMware environment.

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    Yea anything here related to VMware is ignored... trust me.

    Any chance you have Fault Tolerance (FT) on the VM? or open snapshots? Is VMware tools installed?

    I haven't used VDR...

    For my backups... I have a task that snapshots all the VMs, then on the shared storage i have it take a snapshot. Back up the storage snapshot to disk and compress it.

    Check this thread out...
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