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    Merchant Account customization?

    I'm sorry if this topic has been previously discussed on the board, but I did a search and didn't find any results for that.
    I want to signup for a merchant account that will let me customize the order process so it fits my website theme. Or another solution would be if the merchant allows me to connect to its server with a script and it checks for the CC info, processes it and returns some value whether it processed it or not.
    Can anyone suggest me a merchant account that supports either of these?
    Thanks and I appreciate your response!

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    You could always collect your details on a SSL encrypted server and submit them to a database. Most merchants have a virtual terminal where you can manually enter all your clients credit card information and whatnot.
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    Most real merchant accounts provide something like this. What you are talking about (connecting with their server to process and then returning a confirmation) is a gateway. One of the most popular gateways is Authorize.Net but there are others also. Even some third party solutions such as PayPal and 2checkout have a callback.
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    For your first option ("customize the order process so it fits my website theme"), PaySystem, 2checkout... give u this. The level of customization may not be enough for you, though.

    For the second option("connect to its server with a script and it checks for the CC info"), I think you're talking about cc processor with an API. Paysystem, resellers for Fargo...)... have this function. There are lot of posts on this forum about these services; so, do a few searches if you want more info


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