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    Problems with board/bug/issue/cookies/whatever???

    I noticed today a problem on the board, and I'd like to find out if it's a problem with the software (as I think it is) or with my computer (which I think it's not).

    I come to WHT pretty much every day - usually twice a day. And this has only shown up today for the first time. But it happened both this morning and this evening, and it's not happening on any of the other sites I visit (including other sites using vBulletin), all of which leads me to think it's a problem at WHT.

    And that is - when I hit the home page, it recognizes me fine (that's not the problem), and shows me which forums have new messages in them (again, no problem). The problem occurs when I actually click through to the forum page. Once I click through, all posts are, for some inexplicable reason, marked as read - there are no new message indicators and no links to go to the new message.

    When I click back to the home page (by hitting the "back" button on my browser), everything shows as no new messages.

    This has never done this before, and it doesn't do this on any of the other vBulletin sites I visit regularly (including two others I visited today without trouble). This is very aggrevating because it's making it impossible to read the board ((the ability to click on a link to get dropped into a thread at the point you stopped reading it the last time is surprisingly vital, and losing that makes the board almost unusable).

    Can anyone investigate/explain this? Is anyone else having this problem? I have no idea what the cause could be.



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    I have no problems, but that doesn't mean that something isn't flogged. Maybe someone else? - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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    hmmm are you running Mac OS X? I've noticed WHT seems to have cookie problems (with Internet Explorer) on WHT also. However it sounds almost definately like a cookie problem. One of the big things on OS X is that recognizes me (without logging in) but doesn't (no www).
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    Originally posted by comphosting
    hmmm are you running Mac OS X?
    Nope. Running Windows 2000. Been visiting WHT (on this computer) for about 2 years, and never had this problem before. I also have the site bookmarked so it isn't a URL issue.


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    I use IE 6 and WinXP Pro and have no problems.
    Just thought I'd mention.
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