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    Figuring out simple WYSIWYG editor solution for one page sites?


    Any idea?, maybe a simple flat file CMS?

    I'm about to offer One Page hosting accounts.

    So I was thinking for an option for owners to be able to...

    - Log In
    - Edit page with the common WYSIWYG editor.
    - Save

    That's it

    We will no provide FTP access
    Much preferable no DataBase, at least not for each domain.

    My quick ideas..
    A) Installing a simple CMS on customer's domain, create a User with edit rights for just one page, and provide the pass to the owner.

    What I don't like on this idea is:
    - CMS may be too much just for that. Space occupied by CMS is going to be several times more then the page itself.
    Multiply this by 700 "Sites" or more is too much.

    - Too much steps for us for a free feature: Creating the DB, installing the CMS, creating the blank page, creating user, etc.

    - Exploit risks ?

    - Installing the CMS on a central domain of ours
    - Creating users for each site/domain
    - Creating a blank page for each user and assign them respective owner rights.
    - Back on each domain/customer hosting account, we put a simple html file with a "wraper" to the matching URL of the Page on our central domain.

    So basically, users will log to a one central CMS website, edit their respective page, which will be "pulled" or shown on a wrapper on the user's domain.

    Possible concern: Users having access to other users media files(photos). That is not accetable I think, unless, the CMS has an option for managing media on a user level, which I really don't think it has.

    Any idea?, maybe a simple flat file CMS?

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    If I were you I'd leave out the CMS and write a simple script that keeps a db of users/domains. Add an admin interface for them to design their site. On the front-end look at the domain in the request and pull the appropriate page out of the db and display it. The whole thing would be pretty simple, I've designed more complicated stuff in a couple hours.
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