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    Best email server solution for a large deployment with 1 million users?


    I'm currently researching the best solution for a large email service. The solution must be unix/linux based. It must have clustering and mirroring. It must scale to basically unlimited users. It must have a good management system to add new servers for expansion, and also a good system to manage the users.

    So far, it seems to me the best solution for what I'm looking for is:

    I have also looked at:

    Is there an open source product that has clustering and mirroring? Is there any other products I'm missing? Anybody have any experience with or any of the above I listed?

    Any help is much appreciated.


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    If you have required resources, you can build one using Postfix and other packages for the various requirements. The other packages include but are not limited to courier-imap, maildrop, clamav, etc.
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    I'm not sure about the mirroring, but you can definitely do clustering with Cyrus Murder, and IMAP Aggregator.
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