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    Arrow A zero downtime hosting solution - technically minded and skilled person needed!


    Firstly I do not profess to a genius when it comes to the technical aspects of web hosting so I was wondering if someone could possibly point me in the direction of how to do a specific kind of hosting setup or suggest me an alternative solution which already exists in the market place.

    Basically I have an idea to setup a hosting company that can offer zero downtime, truly, regardless of network or hardware failures.

    If you are available to help me and possibly do the work required please PM me or add me on msn: [email protected]

    Thank you

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    Zero downtime is practically impossible and generally requires that the applications themselves be cluster/failure aware.

    In many cases you'd be better off modifying or creating a application that operates on a pre-built "cloud" platform. Even with this there will still be downtime.
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    0% is impossible in the world.

    Clustering DNS and mirroring severs around the world would give 99.99999...% uptime, but never 100%.

    Cloud could be an option, but I would still suggest mirroring servers between DCs around the world if you want the closest to 100%
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    Take a look at RackSpaceCloud Sites or RackSpace Managed | &

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