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    gigenetcloud livechat is bad

    I keep hearing people praising gigenet's support and this is the main reason im considering their cloud division.
    However, their sale team isn't any good. I started 2 live chats and i got the same operator twice. i asked a single question and in both times i didn't get an answer, at a certain point the operator just stop responding.
    I wonder if it has always been like this

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    Of course not - sorry we messed up - I am in chat now - let em see if we assist you

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    We are very sorry to hear you have had problems with our live chat. Our sales team has been extremely busy over the last couple weeks. Any issues with our live chat we are working to resolve.

    I have forwarded you the contact information of myself and some of our other technical sales staff. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Also feel free to give us a call as well.

    Finally, our technical support team does not work on the live chat system they are available after you become a client.

    Hopefully this helps clear things up, and again we apologize for the issue. Maybe there is a possibility the live chat software is having some issues with communication as well.

    Best Regards
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    Nullivex LLC - Web Services, PHP Development, System administration.
    █ Visit or Email contact[at]

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    fast response, i went on a live chat and i got an answer
    good job

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    Good to hear you got the response you where looking for.

    I like it that they came in the thread very pro and cleaned things up. They know how to work. Are you looking to sign up on one of there services if yes witch is it?

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