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    I would like to offer clients a decent email system

    that would be minimally branded by me and with a good interface. there wo9uld not be more than say 100 clients on this system, at least to start.

    I was thinking a Cloud VPS from Gigenet and Cpanel and enough RAM and Squirrel mail with a nutshell Skin. (good looking!)

    I would like the redundancy of the cloud and market this as such, and I would like to be able to have them use their own domain, even if it does not happen to be hosted by me. I believe as long as I can have access to the MX records to change them, this would be possible.

    I simply hate to see my clients using Comcast or such crap with all the ads when they are trying to do business.

    So, this VPS would be JUST for email. Is there any other thing I should know? SPAM filter?


    Dave - WordPress for all of us

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    Why not simply use an email piping script, along with a catchall email account, then automatically add the emails to an sql database for clients to access

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    I am not sure if I am being clear. I want to offer an email ONLY service that would have no ads and have a decent interface as most of my clients are forgoing Outlook etc and using web mail access.

    Right now I am using RackSpace email for business class email clients and they are great, but for instance, they just doubled their price. And I cannot brand their stuff unless I have a much bigger account with them. So I thought I might take advantage of Cpanel, a VPS cloud and Squirrel Mail with a good interface just to offer them for $50 per year or something like that.

    I am looking for ideas that I can roll out to snag a few more clients and then of course sell them more of my services as I can. Ah, such grand plans - WordPress for all of us

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    This might be a bit off track but what about google domains? You can rebrand, and costs are not to bad.

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    A good email system may be not so easy.You need the best email software,such as Qmail,but you have to optimize its kernel.You can also buy a professional email system,but I think it can only solve software problem.
    A good spam filter is neccessary,and you'd better have your own database,so you can handle spam complaint yourself.If the email server IP has record on spamhaus,it isn't an interesting thing. - Your First Choice
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    I am only briefly familiar with Google offerings. They usually have some kind of ads, but maybe not for this. I will look into it.

    ALso, good advice about the work/software necessary to do it right. After all, that is the whole reason I decided to leverage RackSpace Email App, which I must say has been super and bulletproof.

    I would like to be able to offer clients just a basic cheaper email like many hosts do that is just whatever comes with Cpanel and that is pretty much it. Or maybe Smarter Mail which I hear is pretty good. I realize Smarter Mail is for Windows only at this time, at least last I checked.

    I have 3 what I think are brandable domain names:, and

    I would like to do something to take advantage of that. I live on Cape Cod so that is the connection. - WordPress for all of us

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    Paid Google Apps is ad free and can be rebranded. It looks exactly like gmail though. Its fast, easy and you dont need to host it. It is $50 per year though from memory.

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    Yeah, that sounds OK. I wo9uld have a hard time charging 100 for that, but I guess I could if I wanted to for setup and support. I'll have a look. Did not know about the branding part.

    Still, there is something cool about having my own email server. It would never have more that a few accounts. Until I went national, of course - WordPress for all of us

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